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外號 {{{names}}}
身高 {{{height}}}
體重 {{{weight}}}
生日 {{{birth_date}}}
死日 {{{death_date}}}
來自 {{{billed}}}
師承 {{{trainer}}}
初登場 {{{debut}}}
引退 {{{retired}}}


This template produces a standardized box which concisely presents the main statistics info about a wrestler without interfering with the article flow.

Suggested usage

An easy and error-proof way to use the template is to copy the code below to the top of the article source text, then add the relevant parameter values.

Empty syntax

provided for copy-and-paste usage

{{Infobox Wrestler
| name = 
| image = 
| names = 
| height = 
| weight = 
| birth_date = 
| birth_place = 
| death_date = 
| death_place = 
| resides = 
| billed = 
| trainer = 
| debut = 
| retired = 

Description of fields

  • name. The person's birth (or legal) name.
  • names. Known ring names separated by the <br> tag.
  • image. The image filename
  • height. Wrestler's height; example: 5 ft 11 in (179 cm) (round it to the nearest centimeter).
  • weight. Wrestler's weight; example: 234 lb (108 kg).
  • birth_date. Date or year of birth.
  • birth_place. Birthplace or hometown – do not include country.
  • death_date. Date or year of death.
  • death_place. Place of death.
  • resides. Current place of residence (leave blank if dead).
  • billed. Location billed by the promoter.
  • trainer. Trainers' names separated by the <br> tag —wikilink the names if adequate.
  • debut. Date or year of professional debut.
  • retired. Date or year of permanent retirement.