The Young Stallions was a professional wrestling tag team composed of Jim Powers and Paul Roma who competed in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from 1987 to 1989.


The two youngsters were put together by the WWF booking team in March 1987 although they were not given a team name and only served to make the Hart Foundation, then WWF Tag-Team Champions, look good in the ring. They failed to win a match against a "significant opponent" until they defeated the team of Bob Orton Jr. & Don Muraco and even then they still found themselves being beaten down after the match.

The team was finally given the name "The Young Stallions" and started to use the song "Crank It Up" by Jimmy Hart for their entrance music - which led to the Stallions’ first real (Kayfabe) feud, as Jimmy Hart had wanted to use the music for the Hart Foundation. The Stallions upset the Foundation when they faced off in a non-title match during the August 8, 1987 episode of WWF Superstars of Wrestling (taped August 4). They scored an upset disqualification victory giving the Stallions one of their biggest wins to date.

The Stallions' other big win came at the 1987 Survivor Series when the Stallions along with The Killer Bees were the sole survivors of the 10 team tag-team elimination match. Another notable feud they had was against The Conquistadors (1 & 2), many of those epic-length matches took place in the original Boston Garden.

After this the Young Stallions push stalled, with the team dropping two straight falls to The Islanders at the first Royal Rumble and only appearing at WrestleMania IV as a part of a 20-man battle royal. At Survivor Series 1988, The Young Stallions were unable to repeat their success of the previous year's event as they were eliminated second by The Bolsheviks. The documented reason why the Young Stallions’ push stopped was mainly due to the fact that Powers and Roma did not get along off-screen. This was replicated on-screen when the Stallions lost to Demolition on March 19, 1989. The two began to argue thus ending the team with each competing in the singles division.

Powers and Roma feuded for a short while but soon both went back to being "enhancement talent" who would lose to bigger stars to make them look good. In 1990 Paul Roma began to team with Hercules, both turning heel in the middle of 1990, taking the name Power and Glory. One of the first matches the newly formed team had was against Jim Powers & Jim Brunzell.

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