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Yoshihiko is an inflatable sex doll that "wrestles" for the Japanese wrestling promotion Dramatic Dream Team. Other wrestlers treat Yoshihiko as if it was an actual human wrestler, and sell the moves (mostly high flying maneuvers) "executed" by Yoshihiko. For some moves, such as outside dives, Yoshihiko is helped by one or more assistants who throw him from the ring, place his feet on the ropes, and so on. Yoshihiko's opponents act as if these assistants are not present during the match.

Yoshihiko is the kayfabe brother of fellow inflatable sex doll/wrestler Akihiro.

Professional Wrestling Career

To date there have been four incarnations of Yoshihiko.

The original Yoshihiko was 'killed' during a match by an Antonio Honda knee drop which caused his head to burst open.

The second Yoshihiko was another love doll, this one modified to resemble The Great Muta. This second Yoshihiko also met an untimely demise when a giant swing delivered by Kenny Omega sent Yoshihiko flying from the ring, splitting his head open and revealing the cotton stuffing within.

During that very same match, the third Yoshihiko made his debut. This Yoshihiko wore clothes similar to The Undertaker during his American Bad Ass gimmick and entered to the same entrance music that the Undertaker had used. This version of Yoshihiko was later shot to death by Antonio Honda.

A fourth Yoshihiko (styled after Hulk Hogan) debuted shortly thereafter.

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