The XPW World Heavyweight Championship was the top professional wrestling title in the Xtreme Pro Wrestling promotion.


XPW's first World Champion was crowned in a Battle Royal match that saw Damien Steele and John Kronus be the last two remaining wrestlers compete in a single fall match for the title. Steele would win this match to become champion. Damian Steele is the only wrestler to hold the championship twice. Sabu was the only champion that defended the title outside of the United States, as well as the longest reigning champion, holding the title for a year and a month. The Messiah and Sabu are the only two former XPW World Heavyweight Champions who are still currently active, as the rest are either retired or have passed away. Jake Lawless is the shortest reigning champion as he sold the XPW World Heavyweight Championship to Damian Steele. The Sandman defeated Johnny Webb at XPW's Retribution, but Rob Black nullified the victory by restarting the match and having Webb roll up Sandman for the victory.

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