Wrestling Superstars Live, formerly known as the AWA (American Wrestling Association) Superstars of Wrestling was a governing body for a group of independent professional wrestling promotions and sanctioned various championships. Founded by former AWA employees Dale Gagner (using the stage name of Dale Gagne) and Jonnie Stewart, it laid claim to the heritage of the original AWA, including its championships and their lineages.

On April 26, 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) filed a lawsuit against Dale Gagne, citing trademark infringement, as WWE owned some American Wrestling Association properties due to their purchase after the AWA's closure. In a move to evade the WWE, Jonnie Stewart, with the help of a Chicago-based copyright law firm, attempted to trademark the name "American Wrestling Alliance" instead. However, The United States Patent and Trademark Office later indicated that the request was abandoned in February 2008. On October 29, 2008, a settlement was reached between Gagne and WWE. The court ruling prohibits Gagne from certain uses of the AWA name or any other derivatives. As a result, the organization was renamed to Wrestling Superstars Live. In a press release sent out October 30, 2007, the organization announced that it will no longer sanction independent territories. Gagne and Stewart noted that each of the remaining territories would be individually assessed. The promotion eventually faded away.

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