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  • Opened 1975
  • Capacity 16,294


WrestleMania XI Facts

  • WrestleMania XI aired just one month before the first-ever “In Your House” pay-per-view event.
  • WrestleMania XI was the second consecutive WrestleMania event at which Razor Ramon competed in an Intercontinental Championship match. The year before, he and Shawn Michaels competed in their legendary Ladder Match, and at WrestleMania XI, he challenged Jeff Jarrett for the title.
  • WrestleMania XI was the only WrestleMania held in Connecticut - the home of WWE corporate headquarters.
  • Bret Hart defeated Bob Backlund in an I Quit Match at WrestleMania XI, with Roddy Piper serving as guest referee. It was the second consecutive WrestleMania event at which Piper was the guest referee for Bret Hart’s match.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame


  • Anderson accompanied Diesel to the ring for his WWE Championship match against Shawn Michaels. Former Playboy Playmate Pamela Anderson was best known at the time for her work on the television show Baywatch. The blonde bombshell also went on to star in the feature film Barb Wire.
  • McCarthy accompanied Shawn Michaels to the ring for his WWE Championship match against Diesel. McCarthy, also a former Playboy Playmate, was known at the time as the co-host of the MTV dating game show Singled Out. She has gone on to work in both television and film.
  • JTT was a guest timekeeper for the main event and even played a game of chess backstage with Mr. Bob Backlund. The then-teenage heartthrob was best known for his work on the television show Home Improvement.
  • The rap trio sang their hit song What a Man as Lawrence Taylor made his way to the ring. The female rap group was one of the first of its kind. They are most well-known for their controversial song Let’s Talk About Sex, but have recorded several other hit songs.
  • Turturo was a backstage interviewer and guest ring announcer. Turturo, who is a television and film actor, was best known at the time for his work on the smash hit NYPD Blue.
  • White accompanied Lawrence Taylor to the ring. He was the future Hall of Fame defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers.
  • Norton accompanied Lawrence Taylor to the ring. Norton was the Pro-Bowl Linebacker for both the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.
  • Spielman accompanied Lawrence Taylor to the ring. Chris was the Pro-Bowl linebacker for the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills.
  • McMichael accompanied Lawrence Taylor to the ring. McMichael was the Pro-Bowl defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears and also had brief stints with the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers. McMichael also went on to become a member of the famed Four Horsemen in WCW, where he also captured the United States Championship.
  • Jackson accompanied Lawrence Taylor to the ring. Jackson was the Pro-Bowl linebacker for New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers.
  • Banks accompanied Lawrence Taylor (his former teammate) to the ring. Carl was the Pro-Bowl linebacker for the New York Giants and he also had stints with the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns.
  • This Hall of Fame linebacker from the New York Giants is considered to be perhaps the best ever at his position. He took his talents from the grid iron into the wrestling ring, though, when he fought Bigelow in the main event. Taylor shocked the world when he was able to pin his adversary’s shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3.
  • Major League Baseball umpires were on strike at the time, but Larry Young was able to find work, refereeing the Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy match. Larry Young was one of the most well-known Major League Baseball umpires at the time, so he was a perfect fit to be a special guest referee at WrestleMania.

Pictures of the Event



The Allied Powers v The Blu Brothers

Razor Ramon v Jeff Jarrett

The Undertaker v King Kong Bundy

Owen Hart & Yokozuna v The Smoking Gunns

Bret Hart v Bob Backlund

Diesel v Shawn Michaels

Lawrence Taylor v Bam Bam Bigelow

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