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Pro Wrestling

WWE WrestleMania 21 is a professional wrestling video game released on the Xbox console by THQ. It is based on World Wrestling Entertainment's pay-per-view event of the same name. It is also the successor to WWE RAW 2. The game was the last WWE game released on the original Xbox console. The game's theme song is "Anxiety" by Black Eyed Peas.


WWE WrestleMania 21 has various features including; Superstar voice over and commentary, Character Evolution (provides unique character building story mode which allows the player to upgrade each superstar's appearance, abilities, entrance, costumes and move set as the player attempts to win the Heavyweight Championship), Superstar moves and animations look life like more than ever before with motion captured technology and Online multiplayer via Xbox Live, (supports up to four players with voice chat, scoreboards, and friends list support).

Career Mode[]

Career mode has one of your created wrestlers go through one year of a career in the WWE. As you play through, your wrestler becomes United States champion, WWE Tag Team champion (with Booker T), Intercontinental champion, World Heavyweight champion and WWE champion. It begins with your wrestler starting on Velocity as a heel. About halfway through, your wrestler is attacked by Evolution and is put out of action for a month. During that time, Eric Bischoff becomes your personal coach and helps you get revenge by booking matches against legends. Bischoff then schedules matches with each individual member of Evolution. It all ends at WrestleMania in a Last Man Standing match against Kurt Angle.

Playable Roster[]


WWE WrestleMania 21 received largely negative reception for to its gameplay which, rather than being an upgrade of a preexisting game engine, was virtually built from the ground up. It currently has a 56% on Gamerankings.


  • Many features from the previous game have been removed, including Create a tag team (which gives the game more of a "Day of Reckoning" feel), creating an alternate costume for default characters (which give the game a PlayStation-based THQ feel), & unique character entrances (which gives the game a WWE 2K15 feel).

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