WrestleMania: The Album was an album released by World Wrestling Federation Superstars in 1993.

Mike Stock and Pete Waterman (of Britain's famed Stock Aitken Waterman songwriting team) oversaw the project as producers and co-composers for RCA Records, with British A&R executive Simon Cowell serving as the executive producer. The album failed to chart on the US Billboard 200 but reached #10 in the UK.

Track listing

  1. World Wrestling Federation - "WrestleMania" (Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  2. World Wrestling Federation - "Slam Jam" (Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  3. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan - "USA" (Dave Ford, Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  4. The Nasty Boys - "Nasty Boy Stomp" (Dave Ford, Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  5. Bret "The Hitman" Hart - "Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye" (Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  6. The Undertaker - "The Man In Black" (Gary Miller, Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  7. "Macho Man" Randy Savage - "Speaking From The Heart" (Asha Elfenbein, Tony King, Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  8. Tatanka - "Tatanka Native American" (Gary Ford, Mike Stock, Pete Waterman)
  9. Mr. Perfect - "I'm Perfect" (Dave Ford)
  10. The Big Boss Man - "Hard Times" (Mike Stock, Paul Waterman)


  1. An instrumental version of "WrestleMania" was used as the theme song for WrestleManias X (1994) through XIV (1998). It was also later used as Linda McMahon's entrance music.
  2. The Nasty Boys Stomp borrowed the percussion and a very similar bass beat from the song "Vision's of China" by Japan as well as "Nasty" by Janet Jackson.
  3. Incorporated elements from the talent's entrance music.


  • "Slam Jam" (credited to WWF Superstars)
    • Released: 1992
    • UK Singles Chart: #4
  • "WrestleMania" (credited to World Wrestling Federation Superstars)
    • Released: 1993
    • UK Singles Chart: #14
  • "USA" (credited to World Wrestling Federation Superstars featuring "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan)
    • Released: 1993
    • UK Singles Chart: #71
WrestleMania: The Album
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