WrestleForce Aggression IV: Rise Of The Juggernaut was a professional wrestling event intended to be produced by WrestleForce, scheduled to take place on February 21, 2016 at the Swansea High School in Swansea, South Carolina. It was cancelled due to issues with officials at the intended venue site. The event featured two cage matches as a double main event as well as featuring ECW original Steve Corino for a special appearance.


The event's cancellation was posted on February 3, on WrestleForce's Facebook fan page. According to the extensive post, WrestleForce issued an apology for the cancellation, citing the reason being was due to the blatant refusal by the Swansea High School principal to allow the event to take place at the school. WrestleForce further explained it had covered all of its legal requirements prior to arranging to holding the event at the high school. The posting further cited how the first Aggression event was held four years earlier at the high school. Despite the promotion's best arguments, the principal refused to allow the event to occur at the high school. This led to the unfortunate cancellation of what was to be the fourth annual Aggression event, as a charity show for the Swansea High School's music department.

Fans were given further apologies in the post and were instructed to contact Bob Keller or their local ticket outlets to refund their money for any tickets previously purchased for the event.

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