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World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana is a Japanese Professional wrestling promotion.

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Pro-Wrestling Diana events
2011 events

4/174/244/295/15/45/155/225/285/296/56/216/267/37/107/167/318/149/1010/4Kaoru Ito 23. Anniversary In OsakaKyoko Inoue 24. Anniversary In Osaka12/27

2012 events


2013 events

1/6Battle Of Shimokitazawa XIVBattle Of Shimokitazawa XVBattle Of Shimokitazawa XVI2/22/17Battle Of Shimokitazawa XVII3/3Battle Of Shimokitazawa XVIIIHappy Birthday Sareee

2014 events
2015 events
Happy New Year1/182/82/153/84th Anniversary Show4th Anniversary Show In Korakuen4/124/295/105/176/76/14Jaguar Yokota 38th Anniversary Show7/57/127/268/98/168/239/69/169/2710/410/12@ Iijan Kawasaki Festival10/2511/411/811/2012/412/612/2040th Dojo Show One Night Tournament
2016 events

1/31/61/292nd Dojo Show2/213/43rd Dojo Show3/214/34/85th Anniversary5th Dojo Show39th Anniversary Show6/26Summer Festival7/24CRYSIS 2nd Produce6th Dojo Show8/217th Dojo Show9/199/258th Dojo Show10/1010/2210/289th Dojo Show11/13Pro-Wrestling Vol. 212/412/1810th Dojo Show

2017 events

1/91/222/5Dears Ring2/26Dojo Show (3/5)Dojo Show (4/2)6th Anniversary Memorial Show4/305/145/216/4Jaguar Yokota 40th Anniversary Show6/257/9Diana-CRYSIS 3rd Produce8/13Dojo Show (9/3)Dojo Show (September 9, 2017)|Dojo Show (9/9)10/110/810/1410/2011/511/1211/1812/812/012/1612/31

2018 events
1/131/183/114/227th Anniversary Memorial ShowDojo Show (5/13)6/16Ayako Sato TriumphalProgress Night7/17/14River's Edge7/29 7/307/318/58/259/29/15Kyoko Inoue 30th Anniversary & Keiko Aono Retirement10/1410/2811/411/1111/2412/212/1612/2012/31
2019 events
Diana-Ayako Sato Produce1/272/112/172/24Sareee's Debut 8th Anniversary3/24Kawasaki Climax4/14Progress Night 20195/58th Anniversary5/266/26/166/307/218/48/18Summer Attack9/19/89/159/22Kaoru Ito Debut 30th Anniversary10/14Ayako Sato Triumphal ReturnHome Match HalloweenKaoru Ito Debut 30th Anniversary ~ Kyoto Arc Tour11/10CRYSIS Produce CRYSIS Vs. DianaSareee Produce ~ Sareee's Special Night
2020 events
2021 events

1/31/171/312/142/283/133/21ASUKA Produce4/1110th AnniversaryGolden Week Diana Presents ~ Today I Am The Main Character! - Night 1Golden Week Diana Presents ~ Today I Am The Main Character! - Night 2Golden Week Diana Presents ~ Today I Am The Main Character! - Night 35/166/66/207/47/18