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The World Tag Team Championship is the name given to a number of unrelated professional wrestling tag team (multi-wrestler team) titles.

Despite the name, the territorial nature of early professional wrestling meant that few promotions could actually claim the "World" part of the title, in the sense that the title could potentially be defended against any challenger anywhere in the world. Thus, few belts are considered to be "world championship" belts.

The presence of a title considered to be a World Tag Team Championship is one of the factors that makes its promotion one of the major promotions in professional wrestling. However, it is to be noted that numerous major promotions have top championships that are not considered world championships, and the presence of a world championship in a promotion's shows does not instantly make a promotion a major one, as a World Tag Team Championship may be shared between several promotions.

Due to the variations of team wrestling other World Tag Team Championships may remove the "Tag Team" and replace it with a more suitable term (as in "Trios" or "Six-Man Tag" to reflect a three-wrestler tag team). The name of the promotion is often prepended to the phrase "World Tag Team Championship" as the championship's complete name (as in the WCW World Tag Team, or ECW World Tag Team Championships) - however some are correctly known simply as the "World Tag Team Championship" without qualification, possibly because they are competed for in promotions where another Tag Team Championship is present (as is the case of World Wrestling Entertainment today).

List of World Tag Team Championships

Numerous promotions have claimed their top tag team title belts as "World Tag Team Championships" but are not considered to be world titles. Just like the Heavyweight versions, there is no official universally accepted method of determining what constitutes a world title, there is no way to determine who truly has world title status.

Meanwhile, other belts have recognition as a "world championship" despite not being a "World Heavyweight/Tag Team Championship". These other world titles often include various other classifications, including other weight classes (e.g., World Cruiserweight Championship) or stipulations (e.g., World Television Championship).

Often, subordinate tag team belts to world tag team titles are designated as national, international, regional or stipulation specific titles. Examples of this include:

Active World Tag Team Championships

Tag team titles that have gained World Status by either being defended worldwide, or being awarded the status in another fashion.

Active but disputed World Tag Team Titles

Other titles claiming the name:

Defunct/Discontinued World Tag Team Titles

  • ECW World Tag Team Championship - the title was contested under this name of a World Title, though it was not officially recognized as such until it was defended and changed hands in Japan, then was granted world title status by PWI in July 1999 due to ECW landing a national TV contract with TNN. It was abandoned when ECW declared bankruptcy in April 2001.

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