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The Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes was a popular and established entertainment venue on the town's sea front. It was able to accommodate over 500 people and regularly hosted punk events with two stages.

It hosted many types of functions, including conferences, dances, dinners and live bands.

Such groups to have played the venue include Queen, AC/DC, The Damned, The Sex Pistols and The Stranglers.

Popular events

The Winter Gardens hosted a range of major events, including the Bags Ball (officially the melody night), the solid entertainment rock gigs and the Tea Dance.

It also played host to an annual folk festival for many years, featuring concerts, ceilidhs, craft stalls, workshops and performances by a range of local dance teams.


On 12 February 2007 the long running fight to halt the demolition was lost and the Winter Gardens was boarded up and scheduled for demolition. The Winter Gardens was demolished over the summer of 2007,

Prior to the demolition, there had been numerous calls and petitions by a large portion of the population of Grimsby and Cleethorpes to save the Winter Gardens or replace it with a similar venue.

Due to pressure by a local residents group, The Friends of Haverstoe, North East Lincolnshire Council refused to consider a replacement venue or remove the planning permission to demolish. The Winter Gardens was pulled down and the development of the apartments was started. Unfortunately, this was halted by the economic downturn. However, there are hopes that it will start again shortly.

As of May 2009 the site of the Winter Gardens is still empty, but being used as a car park for day trippers, £3 a day.


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