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The Wells Fargo Center (Spectrum II (prior to construction), formerly the CoreStates Center, First Union Center and Wachovia Center) is an indoor arena located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is the home arena of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League, the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League, and the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League. The Center was completed in 1996 to replace the Spectrum as the home arena of the Flyers, 76ers and Wings, on what was once the site of John F. Kennedy Stadium (originally Philadelphia Municipal Stadium) at a cost of $206 million, largely privately financed (though the city and state helped to pay for the local infrastructure).

The Center lies at the southwest corner of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, which includes Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park.


Date Event Attendance
September 22, 1996In Your House 10: Mind Games15,000
March 28, 1999WrestleMania XV19,514
September 24, 2000Unforgiven18,092
January 25, 2004Royal Rumble17,289
November 26, 2006Survivor Series15,400
July 26, 2009Night of Champions14,003
July 14, 2013Money in the Bank18,147
January 25, 2015Royal Rumble17,164
July 23, 2017Battleground12,500
January 27, 2018NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia
January 28, 2018Royal Rumble17,629
July 14, 2019Extreme Rules

Television Programs

Date Event
April 13, 1998RAW
April 18, 1998Shotgun Saturday Night
August 24, 1998RAW
August 29, 1998Shotgun Saturday Night
November 29, 1998Heat
December 13, 1998Super Astros
March 28, 1999Heat
November 4, 1999SmackDown
November 7, 1999Heat
January 24, 2000RAW
January 29, 2000Jakked
April 20, 2000SmackDown
April 23, 2000Heat
April 12, 2001SmackDown
April 15, 2001Heat
July 30, 2001RAW
August 4, 2001Jakked
March 28, 2002SmackDown
March 31, 2002Heat
July 8, 2002RAW
July 14, 2002Heat
February 6, 2003SmackDown
February 8, 2003Velocity
May 12, 2003RAW
September 25, 2003SmackDown
September 27, 2003Velocity
July 22, 2004SmackDown
July 24, 2004Velocity
February 24, 2005SmackDown
February 26, 2005Velocity
July 18, 2005RAW
January 13, 2006SmackDown
January 14, 2006Velocity
July 3, 2006RAW
July 4, 2006ECW
July 7, 2006SmackDown
June 12, 2007ECW
June 15, 2007SmackDown
October 29, 2007RAW
November 3, 2007Heat
January 28, 2008RAW
February 3, 2008Heat
July 22, 2008ECW
July 25, 2008SmackDown
December 8, 2008RAW
November 17, 2009ECW
November 19, 2009Superstars
November 20, 2009SmackDown
June 28, 2010RAW
November 29, 2010RAW
July 26, 2011NXT
July 28, 2011Superstars
July 29, 2011SmackDown
December 19, 2011RAW
March 19, 2012RAW
September 20, 2012Superstars
September 21, 2012SmackDown
September 29, 2012Saturday Morning Slam
December 17, 2012RAW
December 21, 2012Superstars
March 25, 2013RAW
March 29, 2013Superstars
January 8, 2014Main Event
January 10, 2014SmackDown
October 7, 2014Main Event
October 10, 2014SmackDown
October 6, 2015Main Event
October 8, 2015SmackDown
December 14, 2015RAW
December 17, 2015Superstars
March 21, 2016RAW
March 24, 2016Superstars
September 13, 2016Main Event
September 13, 2016SmackDown
December 12, 2016RAW
December 13, 2016205 Live
March 27, 2017RAW
March 29, 2017Main Event
January 29, 2018Raw
January 30, 2018Smackdown
January 30, 2018205 Live
January 31, 2018Main Event
January 31, 2018NXT
October 15, 2018RAW
October 17, 2018Main Event
March 4, 2019Raw
March 6, 2019Main Event

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