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 The Webster Bank Arena (formerly The Arena at Harbor Yard) is a 10,000-seat multi-purpose arena at 600 Main Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut, built alongside The Ballpark at Harbor Yard. The arena opened on October 10, 2001 and is managed by the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and Centerplate. Webster Bank entered into a 10-year $3.5 million agreementwith the city of Bridgeport for naming rights of the Arena on January 6, 2011.

The Arena houses 33 executive suites, 1,300 club seats, 3 large hospitality suites, along with a wide concourses with ample guest amenities to bring all guests up close, and recently an added Sony Jumbotron. Coca-ColaGuard National Guard and Sleepys are the Main partners of the Arena.

The very first event at the Arena was an Bridgeport Sound Tigers game on Ocotber 10, 2001. 

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Television Programs

Date Event Attendance
May 9, 2002SmackDown -
November 18, 2002RAW -
March 6, 2003SmackDown -
March 8, 2004RAW -
August 4, 2005SmackDown -
December 26, 2005RAW -
August 21, 2006RAW -
April 9, 2007RAW -
December 10, 2007RAW -
December 9, 2008ECW -
December 12, 2008SmackDown -
April 27, 2009RAW -
November 24, 2009ECW -
November 27, 2009SmackDown -
June 21, 2010RAW -
November 2, 2010NXT -
November 5, 2010SmackDown -
April 11, 2011RAW -
November 16, 2011NXT -
November 18, 2011SmackDown -
September 17, 2012RAW -

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