WWF The Music, Vol. 3 is a compilation album released by the World Wrestling Federation in 1998. It features mostly recent theme tunes of wrestlers on the roster at the time. All of the songs were produced by Jim Johnston; although, a few themes were performed by other bands. This is also the first WWF album bearing the scratch logo. As opposed to most WWF/E albums, Vol. 3 did not have titles for its tracks, but simply labeled them by wrestler(s). The album is the most successful of all of WWE's music releases and as of 2002 sold over 1.21 million copies. The album reached a peak of #10 on the Billboard 200.

Track listing

All tracks composed and performed by Jim Johnston, unless noted.
  1. The Undertaker - 3:36
  2. Edge – 3:16
  3. X-Pac – 3:11
  4. Dude Love – 3:08
  5. Kane – 3:12
  6. The Rock – 3:14
  7. Gangrel / The Brood – 3:43
  8. Ken Shamrock – 2:58
  9. Oddities (composed and performed by Insane Clown Posse) – 3:40
  10. D-Generation X (performed by The Chris Warren Band") - 2:50
  11. Sable – 2:55
  12. New Age Outlaws – 2:59
  13. Val Venis – 3:37
  14. Stone Cold Steve Austin - 3:38
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