WWE Magazine Vol 2.2 is a magazine by the World Wrestling Federation. It is the June/July 1984 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
8 Piper's Pit: A former champion gets in the last word; Pitting Roddy's Rowdiness Against His Native Elements
11 Cover Story: Sgt. Slaughter's Pilgrimage to the Nation's Capital
16 Big Man Battle: Studd Hulks Towards Hogan's Incredible Title
19 Wait A Minute...Never Mind What You've Thought Before, Bob Backlund's Back With That Same Drive & Desire
22 Lunch With Your Favorite Wrestler: The Day One Scranton Youth Had A Dream Fulfilled
26 Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson rate the tag team racers; Terrific Twosome measures challengers
30 WWF Paparazzi: You Never Know Who Will Mingle With the Sport's Top Attractions
34 A 'Short' View of Midget Wrestlers
37 Action in Japan: The Land of The Rising Sun Occupies Prominent Spot
40 Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: Figures 'Four' WWF Championship
43 The "Tradition" Lives in St. Louis; WWF Action Surpasses 'Consistent' Expectations
47 Convincing A Convention: The Time Wrestling Tackled Television's Titans
50 Now Really, Who's Behind The Mask? Many still speculate about the Masked Superstar's Identity
54 Nous Voici Arrives en Montreal: A familiar and enterprising city for Andre the Giant


Page # Feature
5 One Woman's View...
7 In This Corner...
53 Newcomers: Mil Mascaras
56 WWF History Library
59 A Match To Remember: Lord James Blears vs. Freddie Blassie (Los Angeles, CA 21-Jun-1961)
63 Mailbag

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