WWE Wreckless Intent is a Compilation album released by WWE on May 23, 2006. The album is the sequel to the previously released WWF Forceable Entry album (the working title for the album was WWE Forceable Entry 2) and like its predecessor it featured rock and metal artists performing versions of the wrestlers' entrance themes. A noted change with this album compared to the first Forceable Entry album is the incorporation of rap and hip-hop artists (similar to the format used on the WWF Aggression album) doing versions of entrance themes as well as providing additional original tracks.

Track listing

Track Artist Song Subject Length
1 Saliva "I Walk Alone" Batista 4:07
2 Mercy Drive "Burn in My Light" Randy Orton 3:55
3 Homeboi "Hard Hittin'" Coach 4:06
4 Brand New Sin "Crank It Up" Big Show 4:28
5 Desiree Jackson "Holla" Candice Michelle 3:28
6 Eleventh Hour "A Girl Like That" Torrie Wilson 3:07
7 Kaballon "Quién Soy Yo (Who Am I)" Carlito 3:26
8 Theory of a Deadman "Deadly Game" No Way Out (2006) 3:09
9 Silkk the Shocker "I'm Comin'" 3:32
10 Shadows Fall "Fury of the Storm" Rob Van Dam 3:37
11 Three 6 Mafia "Somebodies Gonna Get It" Mark Henry 3:35
12 Zebrahead "With Legs Like That" Maria 3:07
13 Killswitch Engage "This Fire Burns" Judgment Day (2006) 3:05
14 P.O.D. "Booyaka 619" Rey Mysterio 3:12
15 Motörhead "King of Kings" Triple H 3:58
16 Eric & The Hostiles "Pay the Price" Charlie Haas 3:40

The subject as seen in the official track listing. The subject of the song may differ from what is currently used in WWE. For more details, see Notes.

¹ Downloadable bonus track available from and Wal-Mart.

² Exclusive bonus track available when purchasing album from iTunes.

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