The WWE United Kingdom Championship is a professional wrestling championship created by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. The championship was revealed in a press conference at The O2 Arena on December 15, 2016. The inaugural champion was crowned in a 16-man tournament over a two-day period on January 14 and 15, 2017, which aired exclusively on the WWE Network.


In a press conference at The O2 Arena on December 15, 2016, Triple H revealed that there would be a 16-man tournament to crown the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion. The tournament will be over a two-day period, beginning January 14, 2017 and culminating on January 15, 2017, and it will air exclusively on the WWE Network. The championship is intended to be the top championship of a new WWE Network show, produced in the United Kingdom.

Championship belt design

The center plate is modeled after the United Kingdom's royal coat of arms, featuring the lion of Llywelyn the Great and the Scottish unicorn on either side of the arms, while the center of the shield has been replaced with the WWE logo; atop this is the crown jewels. The banner atop the arms reads "United Kingdom" while the banner below reads "Champion". Like the WWE Championship belt, the United Kingdom Championship belt features two side plates, both separated by gold divider bars, with the WWE logo on the globe.

2017 Tournament bracket

  First round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Tyler Bate Pin  
 Tucker 10:34  
   Tyler Bate Pin  
   Jordan Devlin 6:07  
 Jordan Devlin Pin
 Danny Burch 8:55  
   Tyler Bate Pin  
   Wolfgang 6:00  
 Trent Seven Pin  
 HC Dyer 5:25  
   Trent Seven Pin
   Wolfgang 6:43  
 Wolfgang Pin
 Tyson T-Bone 6:20  
   Tyler Bate Pin
   Pete Dunne 15:12
 Mark Andrews Pin  
 Dan Moloney 5:35  
   Mark Andrews Pin
   Joseph Conners 8:12  
 James Drake Pin
 Joseph Conners 7:12  
   Mark Andrews Pin
   Pete Dunne 10:39  
 Pete Dunne Pin  
 Roy Johnson 7:30  
   Pete Dunne Pin
   Sam Gradwell 4:49  
 Saxon Huxley Pin
 Sam Gradwell 6:00  

2018 Tournament bracket

  First round
NXT tapings (May 10)
Download Festival (June 8–9)
U.K. Championship Tournament
(June 18)
U.K. Championship Tournament
(June 18)
U.K. Championship Tournament
(June 18)
 Zack Gibson Sub  
 Amir Jordan 09:29  
   Zack Gibson Sub  
   Gentleman Jack Gallagher 13:30  
 Drew Gulak 06:32
 Gentleman Jack Gallagher Pin  
   Zack Gibson Sub  
   Flash Morgan Webster 4:20  
 Flash Morgan Webster Pin  
 James Drake 07:57  
   Flash Morgan Webster Pin
   Jordan Devlin 7:05  
 Tyson T-Bone 05:49
 Jordan Devlin Pin  
   Zack Gibson Sub
   Travis Banks 17:05
 Tucker 07:01  
 Joe Coffey Pin  
   Joe Coffey Pin
   Dave Mastiff 7:30  
 Dave Mastiff Pin
 Kenny Williams 5:51  
   Joe Coffey 9:20
   Travis Banks Pin  
 Ligero 5:11  
 Travis Banks Pin  
   Travis Banks Pin
   Ashton Smith 6:20  
 Ashton Smith Pin
 Joseph Conners 9:45  

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