Maven Huffman and Nidia Guenard won the first season of Tough Enough. Only two contestants were actually cut from the competition, the others who were eliminated voluntarily exited. Of the final five contestants, four would eventually join the Federation. Nidia was released from WWE on November 3, 2004, while Maven was released on July 5, 2005.

Though they both survived the initial cut from 230 contestants down to 25, eventual season two winner Jackie Gayda and former TNA Women's Knockout Champion ODB (Jessica Kresa) were not selected among the final 13 contestants that appeared in season one. Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts sent in an audition tape, which aired in a season one teaser on the January 25, 2001 edition of WWE SmackDown.

The first season of WWF Tough Enough was released on DVD in 2002, as was the soundtrack.



Order of Elimination:

  • Episode 1 Tom, after being selected to the final 13, refused to sign the MTV contract and was replaced by Greg.
  • Episode 3 Jason quit because he could not handle the road life.
  • Episode 4 Bobbie Jo and Victoria quit together because they could not handle the physicality.
  • Episode 5 Darryl was cut for poor ability and attitude.
  • Episode 6 Shadrick was cut due to ring struggles.
  • Episode 7 Paulina dropped out due to severe leg and knee injuries sustained in the second episode.
  • Episode 9 Greg is forced to quit due to three herniated discs.
  • Episode 10 Chris Ni. quits after recognizing his recklessness in the ring.
  • Episode 13 Taylor, Chris No., and Josh were eliminated upon the announcements of Nidia and Maven as season one winners.


Title Original airdate Episode
"Casting Special" June 21, 2001 1
With more than 4,000 tapes sent into the company, 230 hopefuls came to The World to audition for the show, but only 13 were selected to make the trip to Stamford, Connecticut to find out who is tough enough.
"Welcome to the Jungle" l June 28, 2001 2
The group meets Al Snow, Jacqueline, and Tori and begin their training. They also meet Tazz, who comes to their house unannounced one morning and forces them to wrestle in the mud and jog behind him while he rides in a Hummer.
"Jason Crumbles" July 5, 2001 3
Triple H lectures the group about the reality and the integrity of the wrestling business—a reality that Jason decides he is not willing to be a part of and respects too much to waste.
"If You Can't Stand the Heat" July 12, 2001 4
Bobbie Jo and Victoria decide that they do not belong in the wrestling business. When Maven and Josh kid around the house, a fire breaks out. Stephanie McMahon takes the girls out to lunch. When Al has to wrestle on SmackDown!, the group scores front row tickets to the show.
"Dispatching Darryl" July 19, 2001 5
Darryl can't catch a break when he loses a bet in a game of darts to "Big", Josh, Greg, and Maven, and aggravates Chris Nowinski when he asks him for more money to cook dinner for Pat Patterson. Meanwhile, the trainers are not keen on his performance, either in the ring or out of it.
"Tears Idle Tears" July 26, 2001 6
After a hard day in the ring, the group realizes that either Shadrick or Chris Ni. are going to be cut. Meanwhile, the kids visit a restaurant staffed entirely by transvestites, who quickly bring Maven, Greg, and Chris Nowinski on-stage.
"A No-Win-Ski Situation" August 2, 2001 7
After Kurt Angle visits the group and tells of how he broke into the wrestling business, the kids take a trip to the Bahamas where Chris Nowinski begins to annoy Josh, and Paulina suffers a knee injury which forces her to make a tough decision.
"Dropping Like Flies" August 9, 2001 8
The Hardy Boyz and Lita visit the group. Meanwhile, Nidia and Josh injure themselves in the ring, while Greg aggravates an old back injury that puts his future in the competition in jeopardy.
"The Vicious Circle" August 16, 2001 9
With the troupe feeling bruised and banged up, Al takes their mind off it by introducing them to "the circle game" and bets Chris Nowinski that he can beat him three times with it. After he loses, he must go to Yale University proclaiming that "Harvard Sucks." Meanwhile, Greg's doctor advises him that continuing to wrestle may be detrimental to his health.
"Timing is Everything" August 23, 2001 10
When Maven learns that his mother's cancer has gotten worse, he leaves the house for a few days to care for her in the hospital. With Maven away, Josh begins to get lonely and contemplates leaving the competition. Meanwhile, Chris Ni, having earned the nickname "Career Killer", decides that it might not be his time to be a professional wrestler after Mick Foley talks to the group.
"The Rules of the Road" August 30, 2001 11
Al takes the kids on a three-day trip to Backlash, Raw is War, and SmackDown! in order for them to experience what life as a WWF superstar on the road is like where they get a crash course in cutting promos from The Brooklyn Brawler.
"No Hill Too Tall, Nor Water Too Deep" September 20, 2001 12
As the competition nears its end, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Debra visit the kids at home, "Big" holds one more physical challenge for the group at a rock quarry, and Josh must overcome his self-doubt in order to successfully execute a moonsault.
"That's Not the Story" September 27, 2001 13
The kids wrestle against each other as Vince McMahon watches from ringside. The chairman has more in store for the troupe as they are called into his office at WWF headquarters.
"The Beginning" September 27, 2001 14
After nine weeks together, through thick and thin, the kids have one final match against their trainers before returning to WWF New York to find out who has earned a WWF contract.

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