Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9 is a compilation album released by WWE in the United States and Canada on January 27, 2009, Australia on January 24 and in the United Kingdom on April 13, 2009.[3] The album was originally announced to be a three-CD set featuring new music by Jim Johnston and alternate mixes of older material from the past 25 years to commemorate the WrestleMania 25th anniversary. However, the album is now a single disc of original theme music of the superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment, with a bonus disc containing a selection of past music of WWE superstars.

The working title for the album was WWE Anthology II and was originally set to be the sequel to WWE's 2002 album WWE Anthology. The album reached a peak at #11 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Track listing

All songs are composed, written and produced by Jim Johnston except "What's Up?", written and composed by Ron Killings (R-Truth).

Track Song Subject Length
1 "Voices" (Vocals by Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory) Randy Orton 3:24
2 "Pourquoi?" Maryse 3:37
3 "Man on Fire" Kane 2:57
4 "Kung Fu San" (performed by Karl "Dice Raw" Jenkins) Kung Fu Naki 3:04
5 "Holla" Kelly Kelly 3:19
6 "What's Up?" (performed by Ron Killings) R-Truth 3:15
7 "Pain" Vladimir Kozlov 2:54
8 "Land of Five Rivers" (Dho] by Panjabi MC) The Great Khali 2:58
9 "She Looks Good" Eve 2:17
10"Get On Your Knees" (performed by Age Against The Machine Jack Swagger 3:10
11 "If You Rock LIke Me" SmackDown Theme 3:03
12 "Tribal Trouble" Umaga 3:08
13 "Priceless" Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes/Manu 3:44

The subject as seen in the official track listing. The subject of the song may differ from what is currently used in WWE.

A two-disc, deluxe edition of Vol. 9 is available exclusively at Best Buy stores which includes the Legends of WWE CD, featuring:

Track Song Subject Length
1* I Won't Do What You Tell Me Steve Austin 3:02
2 Unstable The Ultimate Warrior 1:45
3 Hot Rod Roddy Piper 2:58
4 Hard Corps. Sgt. Slaughter 2:35
5 Blue Blood Hunter Hearst Helmsley 3:29
6 Perfection Mr. Perfect 2:49
7* Rest in Peace The Undertaker 3:18
8 Snake Bit Jake Roberts 2:08
9* If You Smell...? The Rock 2:56

* These tracks are also included as bonus tracks on the regular CD release in the UK. Numbered 14, 15 and 16 respectively.

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