The Music - WWE - Volume 7 is a compilation album released by WWE. Unlike past WWE albums, this was released as a U.S. iTunes Store exclusive, although it has recently been added to the UK iTunes music store priced at £7.99 and the Canada iTunes music store priced at $9.99. It contains 21 tracks representing many genres of music. The first 16 tracks are individually available for purchase at $.99 each while the last five are bonus tracks downloaded when the full album is purchased at $9.99. It is not available at any other online retailer or any walk-in store.

Track listing

Track Song Subject Length
1 "Unstoppable" Bobby Lashley 3:46
2 "Unglued" Snitsky 3:09
3 "The End" Armageddon (2007) 3:50
4 "Teacher" Matt Striker 3:10
5 "Smooth" Marcus Cor Von 3:20
6 "Reality" The Miz 3:17
7 "Obsession" Mickie James 3:22
8 "Not Enough for Me" Michelle McCool 3:24
9 "Muy Loco" Super Crazy 3:32
10 "Light a Fire" Ashley Massaro 3:26
11 "Lambeg" Finlay 3:30
12 "Just Look at Me" Rob Conway 3:31
13 "It's Time" Gregory Helms 2:20
14 "I'm All About Cool" Deuce 'N Domino 2:48
15 "Gorse" The Highlanders 2:31
16 "Gonna Punch Someone Tonight" Jimmy Wang Yang 3:46
17 "Don't Waste My Time" Elijah Burke 3:25
18 "Damn" Ron Simmons 3:00
19 "da.ngar" The Great Khali 2:58
20 "Bringin' Da Hood T U" Cryme Tyme 3:45
21 "All for the Motherland" Vladimir Kozlov 4:00
WWE The Music, Vol. 7
UnstoppableUngluedThe EndTeacherSmoothRealityObsessionNot Enough for MeMuy LocoLight a FireLambegJust Look at MeIt's TimeI'm All About CoolGorseGonna Punch Someone TonightDon't Waste My TimeDamnda.ngarAll for the Motherland
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