WWE Magazine Vol 24.1 is a Smackdown magazine by World Wrestling Entertainment. It is the January 2005 edition of the magazine.


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14Checking the Crystal Ball
What might 2005 have in store for the SmackDown! Superstars? We ask some tough questions, and do a little healthy speculating on what the next 12 months may hold.
24Move Over, Rush
What happens when JBL gets access to New York City's WABC studios? Well, we were there when it happened, and we've got the exclusive scoop on the champ's foray into Sean Hannity-territory.
28Angling for Dominance
Kurt Angle has recruited Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak to help him secure total control of SmackDown!--but what does this mean for the rest of the roster? We visited with all three men and learned just what they plan to accomplish.
36The Man Named Heidenreich
He's unusual, he's unorthodox and he's unstable. Heidenreich is perhaps SmackDown!'s most fearsome force, and, this month, he shares with us the inner workings of his bizarre mind.
40Supporting the Troops
SmackDown! is honored to be heading back to the Middle East this year with another special Christmas show for the soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We look back at last year's Christmas in Baghdad and look ahead to this year's event.
50It's All About Survival
JBL defended the WWE Championship against Booker T. Triple H and Randy Orton struggled for control of Raw. Survivor Series added another chapter to its rich tradition this year, and we've got the exclusive pix!


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58Bam Bam Bigelow
64Game Time: Grand Theft Auto
66DVD Zone: Star Trek Season 2
68Flashback Photo

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