WWE Magazine Vol 11.8 is a Raw magazine by World Wrestling Entertainment. It is the August 2005 edition of the magazine.


Page # Feature
12 Vengeance Unleashed All the action from last June's white-hot extravaganza, including the unforgettable Hell in a Cell.
20 Hulkster vs. Heartbreak Kid SummerSlam will be the site for what is sure to be one of WWE's most historic encounters. Get the lowdown on this unbelievable meeting of two of the greatest of all time.
32 Title on the Line John Cena hasn't had much time to get used to being part of Raw. And the heat isn't about to let up, as he now finds himself taking on Chris Jericho at SummerSlam in defense of his WWE Championship.
44 The Heat Is On Some of WWE's most blistering rivalries over the years have culminated at SummerSlam. Here's a look at ten of the all-time hottest.


Page # Feature
2 Where Are They Now? The Missing Link
6 Letters to the Editor The Readers Speak
8 Ross from Ringside J.R.'s Raw Take on Things 10 WWE Calendar Raw Tour Dates
11 Classics SummerSlam Memories
58 Fantasy Warfare Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena
60 Coach's Corner Happy Birthday to Me
62 Armchair Theater ECW One Night Stand
64 The Finisher Big Vis Hits the Jackpot

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