WWE Photo Shoot is an original show that debuted on January 1, 2018 on the WWE Network.


WWE personalities share stories.

Season 1 (2018)

No. Title Original air date Notes
1 Cesaro January 1, 2018 Cesaro reflects on early personas and WrestleMania moments, as well as his infamous dental disaster from No Mercy!
2 The Miz January 1, 2018 Witness The Miz at his most unfiltered - as he reacts to, and 'shoots' on a series of photographs from every aspect of his Must-See Career!
3 Eric Bischoff February 5, 2018 Sports entertainment's King of Controversy takes a photographic journey to set the record straight on urban legends of his notorious career.
4 Kurt Angle February 19, 2018 WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle gives the inside story behind some of the unpredictable ups and downs throughout his illustrious career.
5 Charlotte Flair February 26, 2018 She helped WWE embark on an evolution. Now, Charlotte Flair reflects on her celebrated rise as she continues to rewrite her historic legacy.
6 Jim Cornette March 12, 2018 Always outspoken as a manager in the ring or as a creative voice behind-the-scenes, Jim Cornette pulls no punches on WWE Photo Shoot!
7 Kofi Kingston March 26, 2018 It's been a wild ride throughout Kofi Kingston's WWE career, as captured in these snapshots from the good, the bad, and the booty!
8 Godfather June 4, 2018 All aboard! The Godfather's got nothing but love, laughter, and loads of unique insight when looking at photos from his Hall of Fame career!
9 Goldust June 11, 2018 Hear the backstage scoop from WWE's most bizarre Superstar, as Goldust reflects on his revolutionary character and unorthodox career!
10 Ric & Charlotte Flair August 20, 2018 The Nature Boy and The Queen discuss Ric Flair's iconic career, legendary opponents, and memorable moments they have shared together in WWE!
11 Scott Hall September 24, 2018 Hey yo! WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall gives never-before-heard stories with never-before-seen footage on an episode that's oozing machismo!

Season 2 (2019)

No. Title Original air date Notes
12 AJ Styles March 10, 2019 The Phenomenal AJ Styles takes us through the picture-perfect moments from his stellar career on the Season 2 premiere of WWE Photo Shoot!
13 Dolph Ziggler March 11, 2019 Dolph Ziggler takes a break from stealing the show to review photos from his career with the brutal honesty you'd expect from The Showoff!
14 Natalya March 18, 2019 Natalya recounts more than a decade's worth of highs and lows from her storied sports-entertainment career as The Queen of Harts!
15 Rusev March 25, 2019 Celebrate Rusev Day with some off-the-wall photos, untold stories, and entertaining insight from the Bulgarian Brute himself, Rusev!
16 Shane McMahon July 22, 2019 It's a photographic journey with 'The Best In The World', as Shane McMahon reveals moments throughout his life in sports-entertainment!
17 Big Show August 2019 The World’s Largest Athlete shares emotional untold stories and LEGENDARY memories sparked by never-before-seen photos from the WWE archives!
18 Christian September 2019 At last Christian’s on his own … episode of Photo Shoot! Captain Charisma shares UNREAL stories and never-before-seen footage with the Peeps!

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Season One

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Season Two

AJ StylesDolph ZigglerNatalyaRusevShane McMahonBig ShowChristianKane

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