WWE Originals is an album recorded by various World Wrestling Entertainment performers. They each recorded a song that was true to their musical tastes, with Stone Cold Steve Austin appearing on five short spoken tracks with Jim Johnston as interludes. The album details did not mention Stone Cold's non-contribution of actual song material, which angered many buyers.

Included with the album was a limited edition DVD. This was the first album WWE released with their WWE Records brand (a joint venture of WWE and Columbia/Sony).

Track listing

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - "Where's the Beer?"
  2. Dudley Boyz - "We've Had Enough"
  3. Trish Stratus - "I Just Want You"
  4. Rey Mysterio - "Crossing Borders"
  5. Stone Cold Steve Austin - "Did You Feel It?"
  6. Booker T - "Can You Dig It?"
  7. Kurt Angle - "I Don't Suck (Really)"
  8. Lita - "When I Get You Alone"
  9. Stone Cold Steve Austin - "You Changed the Lyrics"
  10. Lilian Garcia - "You Just Don't Know Me at All"
  11. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero - "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal"
  12. Chris Jericho - "Don't You Wish You Were Me?"
  13. Stone Cold Steve Austin - "Drink Your Beer"
  14. Rikishi - "Put a Little Ass on It"
  15. Stacy Keibler - "Why Can't We Just Dance?"
  16. John Cena - "Basic Thuganomics"
  17. Stone Cold Steve Austin - "Don't That Taste Good?"


  • Chris Jericho and Lilian Garcia were the only two superstars with an established music career before this album was released. However, John Cena has since released his debut album You Can't See Me with his cousin Tha Trademarc, Rey Mysterio performed the original version of his second WWE entrance theme "Booyaka 619", and Lita has since formed a band called The Luchagors.
  • Mysterio's song "Crossing Borders, was given a music video, which was shown on an episode of SmackDown!.
  • Lita made her singing debut on this album, despite being in a band as a bassist before wrestling.
  • Eddie and Chavo Guerrero claimed that when Jim Johnston called about them singing on the album, the first thing they said was, "Umm..sure but, we suck."
  • Bubba Ray Dudley showcased his piano playing talent on the additional DVD, later stating (perhaps facetiously) that his tag team partner D-Von had an amazing Michael Jackson impersonation.
  • The song that Jim Johnston plays to Stone Cold in "Where's the Beer?" was used by Sable in her bikini contest with Torrie Wilson.
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