WWF Jakked and WWF Metal were World Wrestling Federation syndicated shows which aired on the weekend from September 4, 1999 to May 18, 2002, replacing WWF Shotgun Saturday Night and WWF Shotgun respectively. For a short time the shows were changed to WWE Jakked and WWE Metal to keep with the companies name change to World Wrestling Entertainment. They were replaced by WWE Bottom Line and WWE Afterburn in syndication, with the live matches moving to WWE Velocity. In late 1999/early 2000, WWF Metal was advertised with the tagline "forged by attitude."

Jakked aired on Saturday nights and was edgier while Metal aired in the afternoon and was more kid-friendly. Just like the shows they replaced, both shows had the same matches in a different order with different commentary teams.

The shows were mainly for lower card wrestlers. Jakked was commentated by Michael Hayes and Jonathan Coachman while Metal was commentated by Tom Prichard and Kevin Kelly. In 2001 - 2002, JAKKED was commentated by, Michael Cole and Michael Hayes and Metal was commentated by Jonathan Coachman and Kevin Kelly. However, in March 2002, Jakked was then commentated by Marc Lloyd and Al Snow, while METAL was commentated by Marc Lloyd and Michael Hayes.

From April 2002 until May 2002, when Velocity replaced Jakked/Metal both shows were SmackDown! exclusive. Metal was also broadcasted Saturday afternoons on Telemundo during the years 2000 and 2001, and was commentated by Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera. The tapings often contained their own unique moments of history. Dean Malenko's lengthy Light Heavyweight Championship reign was almost exclusively featured on these tapings. The series also featured the surreal sight of WWF competitors wrestling up and coming future indie and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling stars.

In 2001, professional wrestler Mike Bell was viciously assaulted for real by Perry Saturn after a botched move, with Saturn dropping Bell on his head outside the ring.

In 2002, Gregory Helms, as The Hurricane, fought a pre-TNA A.J Styles in a match that has since become the most circulated of the Metal tapings on the Internet's numerous video hosting services.

In the UK, only the Metal version of the program was aired on Sky One and Sky Sports.


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