The WWE Internet Championship is a championship in World Wrestling Entertainment. The championship was debuted by Zack Ryder on his YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story. Although it was made as a prop for the show, it's been defended as a legal championship during several house shows. In January 2012, after Ryder won the United States championship, WWE stated Ryder was WWE's official Internet Champion. After his return in February, Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler each said Ryder was Internet Champion. After Z! True Long Island Story ended, Ryder slowly stopped being called this, and the title has not been seen or heard from since. Though the title has never been defended on TV, it appears and can be defended in both WWE '13 and WWE 2K14. Due to copyright issues, it is missing the stickers of the social networking sites, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Current champion

The current champion is Zack Ryder. Ryder reclaimed the title after Ryder had lost the WWE United States Championship in January.

Past Designs

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