In professional wrestling, the WWE Hall of Fame (formerly WWF Hall of Fame) is an institution that honors selected former employees of World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly the World Wrestling Federation) and other figures who have contributed to wrestling and sports-entertainment in general.


The Hall of Fame was created in 1993 with the induction of WWF alumnus André the Giant, who had died earlier that year. The Hall inducted additional members annually thereafter until 1996 with the 1994 and 1995 ceremonies held as part of the King of the Ring weekend, then went dormant until it was revived in 2004 to commemorate the company's twentieth WrestleMania event.

Since living inductees appear at a Hall of Fame acceptance event, induction is contingent upon the candidate being on good terms with WWE. The process by which inductees are selected is not transparent; the criteria for induction have never been disclosed. Although the Hall in theory honors those with important WWE careers, since the revival in 2004 some inductees, such as Harley Race, Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel, achieved much of their success outside of WWE, though the companies where they did achieve their success are now largely part of the WWE.

As of 2010, Harley Race, "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd, Verne Gagne, Dusty Rhodes, Big John Studd, Terry Funk and Antonio Inoki are the only wrestlers to be inducted into both the WCW Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame, while Gordon Solie is the only commentator to be inducted into both.


Ceremony dates and locations


  • Set pieces from the Slammy Awards from 1986, 1987, 1996, and 1997 are used as a part of the Hall of Fame awards show set.


WWE Hall of Famers

Andre the Giant Full Arnold Skaaland Full Bobo Brazil Full Buddy Rogers Full Chief Jay Strongbow Full Freddie Blassie Full Gorilla Monsoon Full James Dudley Full Antonio Rocca Full Ernie Ladd Full George Steele Full Ivan Putski Full Fabulous Moolah Full The Grand Wizard Full Pedro Morales Full Baron Mikel Scicluna Full Captain Lou Albano Full Jimmy Snuka Full Johnny Rodz Full Killer Kowalski Full Pat Patterson Full Vince McMahon Sr Full Jimmyvaliant 1 full 2012502 Johnnyvaliant 1 full Big John Studd Full Don Muraco Full Greg Valentine Full Harley Race Full Jesse Ventura Full Junkyard Dog Full Sgt Slaughter Full Billy Graham Full Tito Santana Full Bobby Heenan Full Pete Rose Full Hulk Hogan Full Roddy Piper Full Bob Orton Jr Full Jimmy Hart Full Paul Orndorff Full Nikolai Volkoff Full The Iron Sheik Full Bret Hart Full Eddie Guerrero Full Gene Okerlund Full Sensational Sherri Full Verne Gagne Full Tony Atlas Full William Perry Full Blackjack 1 full Blackjacklanza 1 full Dusty Rhodes Full Curt Hennig Full Jerry Lawler Full Nick Bockwinkel Full Mr Fuji Full The Sheik Full Jim Ross Full Wildsamoanssika 1 full 2012424 Wildsamoansadda 1 full 2012424 Ric Flair Full High Chief Peter Mavia Full Rocky Johnson Full Mae Young Full Eddie Graham Full Gordon Solie Full Jack Brisco FullGerald Brisco Full  Steve Austin Full Ricky Steamboat Full Bill Watts Full Koko B Ware Full Howard Finkel Full Terry Funk Full Doryfunk 1 full Fritz Kerry von Erich Full David Von Erich Kevin von Erich Full Ted DiBiase Sr. Full Antonio Inoki Full Wendi Richter Full Maurice Vachon Full Gorgeous George Full Stu Hart Full Bob Uecker Full Shawn Michaels Full Jim Duggan Full Bob Armstrong Full Sunny Full Drew Carey Full Abdullah the Butcher Full Animal Full Hawk Full Paul Ellering Full Edge Full Ron Simmons Full Yokozuna Full Mike Tyson Full Mil Mascaras Full Ric Flair Full Barrywindham 1 full 2012424 Arn Anderson Full Tullyblanchard 1 full Jjdillon 1 full Mick Foley Full Bobbacklund 1 full Trish Stratus Full Bruno full DonaldTrump full Bookert 1 full Ultimate Warrior Full Paul Jake Roberts Full Lita full Carloscolon 1 full MrT 1 Scott Hall full Randy Savage Full Arnold Profile Rikishi Full Bushwacker Butch Full.1 Bushwacker Luke Full.1 AlundraBlayze full LarryZbyszko Full Tatsumi Fujinami (2) Kevin Nash Full Sting 2 Full 20150226 The Godfather full Michaelhayes 1 full 20120718 Buddyroberts 1 full 2012718 Terrygordy 1 full 2012718 Jimmygarvin 1 full 2012718 Big Bossman Full Jacqueline StanHansen full REV Snoop Dogg KurtAngle full Theodore Long Full Diamond Dallas Page Full Bethphoenix 1 full Ricrude 1 full Goldberg Stat Photo Bubba Ray Dudley (WWE 2015) D-Von Dudley (WWE 2015) Ivory Full JeffJarrett full HillbillyJim full Kid Rock stat--f0c6267e2fcdfe73fbb317183445e323 Mark-Henry-Full

WWE Ultimate Warrior Awards

Connor Michalek Joan Lunden Eric LeGrand Jarrius JJ Robertson

WWE Legacy Inductees

Lou Thesz stat--6edb41bebf044111374ce86a456516da Pat OConnor stat--c3451ce851c99478a8e6e561c910b86c Ed Lewis stat--105532649e822692cb937c8fa4aeb6aa Sailor Art Thomas stat--c1d72dec16fb649ff585544693ca932c George Hackenschmidt stat--17bfb6de632cc0b14e1e9de5e63a7b73 Mildred Burke stat--1c477ea0a9c2191fee48b8d4a12f7ee2 Frank Gotch stat--6067abbbb7c83916514c86102d899167 Toots Mondt Martin Burns June Byers Haystacks Calhoun Judy Grable Rikidōzan Bearcat Wright Dr. Jerry Graham Luther Lindsay Dara Singh Alfred Hayes ElSanto Yasuhiro-Kojima Boris Malenko Cora Combs Profile Pic Sputnik Monroe 1 FreightTrain Stasiak Jim Londos 2

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