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|Dawn Mae (with Papa Mae) vs. Persephone
|Persephone defeated Dawn Mae (with Papa Mae)
|Singles match
|Singles match

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WEW Deep Impact is the second pay-per-view by Women's Extreme Wrestling. The opening match was Candie and Little Louie vs. BJ and King Sleazy




No. Matches Stipulations
1 Candie and Little Louie defeated BJ and King Sleazy Mixed Tag team match
2 Riptide defeated Alexis Laree No Disqualification match
3 Casey vs. Missy The Schoolgirl Singles match
4 Sinnamin defeated Davey Mae Singles match
5 Chick Diesel and Special Ed vs. American Creme Pie and Lucky Tag team match
6 Persephone defeated Dawn Mae (with Papa Mae) Singles match

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