Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling

WCW Power Hour was the original Friday night wrestling show for World Championship Wrestling, airing on TBS.

Unlike most television (and wrestling) shows that started their program either at the top or bottom of the hour, WCW Power Hour aired 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour at 10:20 p.m. Later when it was moved to Saturday mornings, it adopted a more traditional television time slot.

The rights to WCW Power Hour now belong to WWE.

Title changes

WCW Power Hour has had numerous title changes.

"WCW Gauntlet"

It was one of three TBS wrestling shows to have WCW's ill-fated "WCW Gauntlet", where a wrestler would have to win all three of his matches on NWA Power Hour, NWA World Championship Wrestling, and NWA Main Event in order to win $15,000.


The final, and 300th episode of WCW Power Hour (previously NWA Power Hour) aired on March 5, 1994.

Canadian version

A Canadian version of WCW Power Hour ran on TSN from 1991 to 1993. That version was originally hosted by Jim Ross and Paul E. Dangerously, who would later be joined by Missy Hyatt. Later broadcast teams on the show would include:


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