Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Notes: Days Held:
Big Damo 1 July 1, 2016 Big Damo defeated Rampage at WCPW Built to Destroy. 55
Joseph Conners 1 August 25, 2016 Joseph Conners defeated Joe Hendry, Rampage and Big Damo in a Fatal 4-Way at WCPW Stacked. 97
Drew Galloway 1 November 30, 2016 Drew Galloway defeated Joseph Conners and Joe Hendry in a Triple Threat Steel Cage match at Delete WCPW. 149
Martin Kirby 1 April 29, 2017 Won the No Regrets Rumble, last eliminating Joe Hendry to win the title. 6
Joe Hendry 1 May 5, 2017 Joe Hendry defeated Martin Kirby at WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup Mexico. 150
Marty Scurll 1 October 2, 2017 Marty Scurll defeated Joe Hendry and Will Ospreay at WCPW Refuse to Lose. Marty Scurll would become the last WCPW World Champion due to What Culture Pro Wrestling announced on September 30, 2017, two days prior to Scurll winning the title, that What Culture Pro Wrestling would rebrand as Defiant Wrestling. 74
Title retired following the fold of What Culture Pro Wrestling. The championship would be rebranded as the Defiant World Championship.

Combined Reigns

Wrestler No. of reigns Combined days
Joe Hendry 1 150
Drew Galloway 1 149
Joseph Conners 1 98
Marty Scurll 1 74
Big Damo 1 70
Martin Kirby 1 6
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