The WCPW Women's Championship is a professional wrestling championship promoted by What Culture Pro Wrestling which was unveiled by General Manager Adam Pacitti. The title has no previous heritage and is so far exclusive to the WCPW promotion material.

The initial title was fought over by Nixon Newell and Bea Priestley at WCPW Stacked in a last women standing match which was won by Nixon Newell to become the first female champion in WCPW history.

Nixon Newell would later go on to lose the championship to Bea Priestley at WCPW Loaded #23 with the help of Viper.

Final Champion

The final champion was Kay Lee Ray. The WCPW Women's Championship rebranded as the Defiant Women's Championship when What Culture Pro Wrestling announced on September 30, 2017 that it would rebrand as Defiant Wrestling.

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