The following is a list of events that Vince McMahon, Jr. has participated in.


  • April 13, 1998: RAW @ CoreStates Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon - No Contest
  • May 11, 1998: RAW @ Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, USA: D-Lo Brown & The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Vince McMahon - No Contest


  • January 11, 1999: RAW @ Compaq Center in Houston, Texas, USA: Chyna defeated Billy Gunn, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Test, The Big Bossman, The Road Dogg, Triple H, Vince McMahon & X-Pac in a 10-man Corporate Royal Rumble Match, Winner received the #30 spot in the Royal Rumble
  • January 24, 1999: Royal Rumble @ Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California, USA:
  • February 8, 1999: RAW Saturday Night @ Skydome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Chyna, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Test, The Big Bossman & Vince McMahon defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in a 6-on-1 Gauntlet Match
  • February 14, 1999: St Valentine's Day Massacre @ The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee, USA: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Vince McMahon in a Steel Cage Match. Austin's Wrestlemania spot was on the line in the match
  • May 2, 1999, RAW @ San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California, USA: Vince McMahn defeated Shane Mc Mahon
  • May 10, 1999: RAW @ O-Rena in Orlando, Florida, USA: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock & Vince McMahon defeated Shane McMahon, The Undertaker & Triple H
  • May 23, 1999: Sunday Night Heat @ Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, USA: Mideon vs. Vince McMahon - No Contest. Shane McMahon was the Special Referee for the contest.
  • May 25, 1999: RAW @ Mark of the Quad in Moline, Illinois, USA: Vince McMahon defeated The Undertaker via disqualification
  • June 7, 1999: Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts, USA:

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