Victoria (abbreviated as Vic) is a state on the south coast of Australian mainland. It borders New South Wales to the north, Bass Strait to the south and South Australia to the west. Victoria's capital city is Melbourne, which is also the nation's second most populous city behind Sydney. In September 2014, the estimated population of Victoria was 5.8 million, making it Australia's second most populous state behind New South Wales. Three quarters of the state's population, 4.4 million, live in the Greater Melbourne area. Inhabitants of Victoria are referred to as Victorians, and colloquially by residents of New South Wales as "Mexicans" (south of the border).

The colony of Victoria was founded in 1851 after previously being a part of New South Wales. It was first settled in 1803, but the first city began to be built in 1834 - Portland. Melbourne was founded in 1835. Victoria was the scene of Australia's biggest gold rush in the 1850s, centred around Ballarat and nowadays is seen as the home base of Australian rules football.




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