The NWA/ Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship (or simply NWA Tri-Force Championship) is a secondary professional wrestling championship contested for in the independent professional wrestling promotion Vendetta Pro Wrestling. The championship is generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants execute scripted finishes rather than contend in direct competition.


Chimaera, moments after becoming the first-ever Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion at Melee 2010.

The Championship can only be contested in matches with three competitors. Originally, the title would be contested in a three-way elimination match in which the first fall eliminates one wrestler, reducing the match to a standard one-fall match. This style of match was known in Vendetta Pro as a Tri-Force match. Since 2011, the Tri-Force Championship has been contested in a more standard Triple Threat match, in which three competitors compete in an otherwise standard one-fall contest. This was done to force the Champion to be offensive, rather than allowing him to let the two challengers wear each other down. This has caused some controversy, as the Champion only has a 33.3% chance of successfully defending the title, and can lose the title without being pinned or forced to submit. Regardless of any additional rules or match styles, there are always three competitors involved in a match in which the Tri-Force title is on the line.

Since the introduction of the Tri-Force Championship in Vendetta Pro, similar three-way rules have been adopted by TNA Wrestling for matches involving the TNA X-Division Championship. There have been various belts used with different designs to signify the titleholder. The design for the current belt dates back before May 2010 when the title was first activated, but due to numerous delays, the actual belt was not created until April 2012. Famous B. was the first wrestler to hold the current belt.

On July 15, 2014, Vendetta Pro Wrestling joined the National Wrestling Alliance. The Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship, held at the time by Vintage Dragon, was re-branded as the NWA/Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Championship—or simply, the NWA Tri-Force Championship—as the only title in the NWA defended strictly in three-competitor matches.

Dana lee acd2011

Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Champion Dana Lee from "April Cruel's Day 2011" -Credit: Babes in Frames LLC -


The first Tri-Force Champion was Chimaera, who won the title on May 23, 2010 in Lompoc, California, defeating “Nightclaw” Brian Cage and “Big Nasty” Jason Watts in a tournament final. Eventually, Chimaera had to relinquish the title due to signing with World Wrestling Entertainment, but would continue to be recognized as Champion until a new titleholder could be crowned since the title change was for a non-punitive reason.

Soon, a new Tri-Force Champion would be crowned as "The Asian Sensation" Dana Lee won the vacant title by defeating "Leader of the Groove Nation" Ray Rosas and "The Fly Daddy" Jardi Frantz for the title on March 12, 2011 in Santa Maria, California in a Tri-Force three-way elimination match. However, on April 10, 2011 in Lompoc, California, Lee announced that he had enlisted in the United States Army, and has wrestled in his last match after successfully defending the Tri-Force title against Dylan Drake and Jeckles The Jester. As with the previous Champion, the reason for the title change was non-punitive, and as such, Lee would continue to be recognized as Tri-Force titleholder until a new Champion can be crowned.

The third Tri-Force Champion was Disco Machine, who won the title on September 10, 2011 in Bakersfield, California. The Tri-Force title had been vacated earlier in the evening by Vendetta Pro Commissioner Christian Cole. Disco Machine won the title by defeating "Mega Bucks" Mario Banks and "The Heatseeker" Eric Cross in a one-fall Tri-Force match. As with all things Tri-Force, it was not without at least a small amount controversy, as the Commissioner was under the belief that the match was a Three-Way Elimination, as almost all early Tri-Force matches were.

Lil Cholo, the longest reigning Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Champion.

During the 15-minute "bonus" time period of the January 12, 2012 edition of Vendetta Pro Radio, show host and Vendetta Pro Commissioner Christian Cole announced that the Tri-Force Championship was once again vacant, although he did not immediately state the reason.[1] This would be the first time that the Tri-Force title was vacated on a date other than immediately before a match to crown a new Tri-Force Champion. Later on, it was revealed that on January 1, 2012, Tri-Force titleholder Disco Machine had announced his retirement from professional wrestling.

"Wrestling Personified" Rik Luxury became the fourth Tri-Force Champion, winning the vacant title at Reflexion 2012 by defeating Sheik Khan Abadi and El Chupacabra. Luxury also has the dubious distinction of being the first Tri-Force Champion to actually lose the title in a match. However, Luxury has also the first person to have held the title on multiple occasions. Only Lil Cholo has duplicated this feat. In his second reign alone, Cholo held the Tri-Force Championship longer than any other.

2010 Title Tournament

First Round Matches Tournament Final
   5  7  53  2  7      4  1  9  3  6
Brawlin' Bo Cooper        
Latin Dragon         Chimaera        
Rik Luxury         Eric Watts        
Eric Watts         Brian Cage        
Brandon Bonham        
Matt Bentley        
Brian Cage           Consolation match

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Chimaera 1 May 23, 2010 Lompoc, California

Won a tournament to crown the first Champion.

Title Vacant Chimaera was signed to World Wrestling Entertainment, but had continued to be recognized as Tri-Force Champion until a new titleholder could be crowned.
"The Asian Sensation"
Dana Lee
1 March 12, 2011 Santa Maria, California The title was officially declared vacant on this date. Dana Lee won the vacant title, defeating Ray Rosas and Jardi Frantz. However, he would be forced to relinquish the title as he has enlisted in the U.S. Army.
Title Vacant Dana Lee announced that he had enlisted in the United States Army, and therefore had wrestled his last match, and he relinquished the title belt. However, he would still be recognized as Tri-Force Champion until a new titleholder could be crowned.
Disco Machine 1 September 10, 2011 Bakersfield, California Defeated Eric Cross and Mario Banks for the title which had been officially vacated earlier in the day.
Title Vacant Commissioner Christian Cole announced on Vendetta Pro Radio that the Tri-Force title had been vacated, although he didn't immediately give a reason why. It was later discovered that Disco Machine had retired from Professional Wrestling.
"Wrestling Personified"
Rik Luxury
1 January 22, 2012 Lompoc, California Luxury won a match for the vacant Tri-Force Championship.
Famous B. 1 March 17, 2012 Santa Maria, California Defeated Rik Luxury & B-Boy in a Tri-Force match,
pinning B-Boy.
"Wrestling Personified"
Rik Luxury
2 June 13, 2012 Atascadero, California

Defeated Famous B. & Brian Cage in a Tri-Force match,
pinning Cage.

El Scorpio del Combate 1 October 20, 2012 Bakersfield, California

Defeated Rik Luxury & Sunami in a Tri-Force match,
pinning Sunami.

Little Cholo 1 January 25, 2013 Santa Maria, California

Defeated El Scorpio del Combate & SoCal Crazy in a Tri-Force match.

SoCal Crazy 1 June 22, 2013 Lompoc, California

Defeated Vintage Dragon & Lil Cholo in a Tri-Force match, pinning Dragon.

Little Cholo 2 September 13, 2013 Santa Maria, California

Defeated Shannon Ballard & SoCal Crazy in a Tri-Force match, pinning Ballard.

Vintage Dragon 1 May 18, 2014 Chowchilla, California

Defeated Little Cholo & El Mariachi Loco in a Tri-Force match, pinning Cholo. Recognized as of July 15, 2014 as NWA Tri-Force Champion.

"The Freak"
Jeckles The Jester
1 December 26, 2014 Santa Maria, California

Defeated Vintage Dragon & El Mariachi Loco in a Tri-Force match, pinning Vintage.

Sunami 1 August 8, 2015 Santa Maria, California Defeated Jeckles The Jester & El Chupacabra in a Tri-Force match, pinning Jeckles.

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