Varsity Pro Wrestling (VPW) is an independent wrestling organization which is situated in England. Regularly, they hire wrestlers from WWE and TNA to participate in the matches as guests. Some of the most noticeable guest wrestlers are TNA's Magnus, former WWE Superstar The Hurricane, Billy Gunn, and 'Road Dogg' Jesse James.

A poster for a VPW event.

They have many match types such as No-Holds-Barred, Steel Cage, Rumble, and 1 Fall.


  • Jake McCluskey - 'Mr Moonsault'. Finishing Move - Standing Moonsault
  • The UK Kid - 'The International Superstar'. Finishing Move - Superkick
  • Chris Andrews - Finishing Move - Devon Drop
  • Christopher Starr - Finishing Move - Cholester Roll
  • Matt Vaughn - Finishing Move - Falcon Arrow Suplex
  • Rob Holte - 'Rock Hard'. Finishing Move - Spinebuster
  • Robbie Everest - Finishing Move - Round the World DDT
  • T-Bone - Finishing Move - Jackknife Powerbomb
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    A VPW event in action

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