The Vachon family is a French-Canadian family long associated with professional wrestling in Canada and the United States, headed by Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon, his brother Paul "Butcher" Vachon - both longtime NWA and AWA veterans - and their sister Vivian. At one point the Vachon's were joined by a storyline brother named "Stan Vachon" who worked with Maurice and Paul Vachon in tag team matches.

In 1975, the family was the subject of a documentary The Wrestling Queen and, in 2007, was featured in World Wrestling Entertainment's The Most Powerful Families in Wrestling. The Vachons are noted to have lived in France in the 17th century.The Vachons have been noted as tough and rough family but they have a very rich history.


The Vachon family name has also been adopted by wrestlers unrelated to the family, for instances by Pierre "The Beast" Vachon (actually Chad Peters) and Damien "Pitbull" Vachon, Canadian independent wrestlers who present themselves as the sons of Paul Vachon and have and have wrestled as a tag team in NWA: Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.[4][5]


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