Utami Hayashishita (September 14, 1998) is a female Japanese professional wrestler.


World Wonder Ring Stardom (2018-present)


Utami Hayashishita made her Stardom debut on August 12, 2018 on Stardom X Stardom 2018: Kagetsu 10th Anniversary Show in a match against Jungle Kiyona which ended in a draw. From August 18 to September 24, Hayashishita took part in 5STAR Grand Prix round-robin tournament where she won her block with a record of four wins, two draws and two losses, advancing to the finals where she was defeated by Mayu Iwatani.

From October 13 to November 4, she teamed up with Momo Watanabe and took part in Stardom Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League where they won their block with a record of four wins and one loss, advancing to the finals and defeated Bea Priestley & Chardonnay to win the tournament. On November 23 at Stardom Best Of Goddesses, Hayashishita and Watanabe defeated Jungle Kiyona and Natsuko Tora to win the Goddesses Of Stardom Championship. After the match Hayashishita joined Queen's Quest stable.

On December 2 at Stardom Goddesses Of Stars 2018 - Night 3, Hayashishita defeated Hina, Natsumi and Rina in a gauntlet match to become Stardom's 2018 Rookie Of The Year.


On January 3 at Stardom New Years Stars 2019 - Night 2 Hayashishita defeated Starlight Kid to win Future Of Stardom Championship. Two days later, at Stardom New Years Stars 2019 - Night 3 she and her Queen's Quest stablemates, Bea Priestley and Viper defeated Arisa HoshikiSaki Kashima & Tam Nakano and won the Trios Tag Team Tournament.

At Stardom 8th Anniversary on January 14, Hayashishita defeated Viper to win both SWA World Championship andEVE International Championship.

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