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ROH Reloaded

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Network Specials

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NXT Takeover III : Evolution

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Team names before A New Day

According to the history it appears that the phrase "Smart Athletic Friends" was in use prior to October. I do not know exactly when New Day came into use but I am pretty sure it was a bit later than that... I know they first did promos with Xavier, then 1 with Kofi, and now most recently with Big E.

I would like to pinpoint a date and mention it on the New Day article. Did WWE ever officially use it or was this a Twitter-borne name much like American Perfection? I am also interested in the debut dates of Muscle Bomb and Speed Force. I prefer Twitter-borne names to having to resort to Kingston & Langston when no clear alternative exists. Do you know if King and Lang as a pair ever got a nickname as a team, perhaps from whatever source created MB and SF? talk2ty 06:05, November 18, 2014 (UTC)

Important editing tips

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Main templates

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