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Hulk vs Rambo

My history with Wrestling is things me and my Dad cannot do.My Dad lost it when he learned of Wrestling and is a fan.He watched Hulk Hogan and Martel and Bravo,Steamboat,Tito Santana.We watch WWE and WWF and International Wrestling and I watch AWA.Wrestling is the things I cannot do and helps to know for combat abilities.This sport did the amazing and unaccomplishable.New bad guy to Hulkamania in my age group his origins is Polynesia and he is the universe's most physically strongest and he is Iriqouis and he is an Italian and rapper.He started rappers and is rap.He can beat Predator with physical strength and is

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white.He is over intelligent too.Hamilton ON.Its all combined APTN to Italian News to his home of Polynesia to BET rap to make enemy of Hulkamania.Dog being to do with Hulk.And even crafty T-1000 Robert Patrick.But as Smackdown shows there is era without Hogan for decade.Hogan had every bad guy wrestler as professional and applying their submission on Hogan 8 times or more.They used to torture Hogan,Greg Valentine in Steel Cage and match.Honkey Tonk Man shake Rattle and Roll over and over on Hogan,applied.Nick Bockwinkel and submission on Hogan.Valentine

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dropping 9 elbows in a row on Hogan when he drops a couple.Bad guys fight Hogan and preform their punishment on Hogan like Jesus.Hogan wins when after this he gets up and wrestles hitting them with clothesline and then into the corner turnbuckles clothesline hitting them with his 300lbs body a few times and

Andre Monster

then body slams them with pythons and then he leg drops them.Turnover Hogan greatest at it.Nobody could beat him and was disqualified.Hogan fought dirty thumb and finger in the eye and raked back and hit them steel chair and was disqualified.Took a foreign object from opponent enemy and hit him with it,outsmarted him.He though ducked alot of punishers from NWA and AWA.They took on Dino Bravo and Rick Martel and Magnum TA.Magnum is quick draw wrestler that makes a match with fast moves and hits them with combo of these and then throw them into the ropes for the belly to belly at high speed its over.He also can brawl and punch out and go toe to toe in the corners.Turning point in the match Magnum.Dino Bravo is a power wrestler with power move combos.Wears down wrestlers with forearms and clotheline and will climb top rope and hit them with forearm,clotheline or elbow standing.Sets them up for powerslam and he hold them up in the air and will twirl them,many types of slams.Technical wrestler Bravo and smart.Acrobatics for attack and defense as he does cartwheels to reverse the match and wear down Bravo's way.Bad temper.Angry he will punish and get intelligent.Wrestlers proved many of my favourite styles like ring technician and my favourite got born Honkey Tonk Man defeat Steamboat.Steamboat was way better than Snuka and beat Savage.Kamala of coming back WWE from AWA and doing "Air Kamala" to hospital opponents to Hulkamania.Hulk vs Nick Bockwinkel and continous submission.Stan the Man Hanson and he defeated Rick Martel in Japan.Dino Bravo being a good guy and hero and beating huge giant men that were threat to Hulkamania.Dino Bravo and Rick Martel bodyslammed 400lbs plus in their opponents as Kamala and Bruiser Brody.Jerry Blackwell.Everyone insane and 400plus out of WWE in NWA,AWA and French Canadian Wrestling.Rick Martel vs Kendo Nagasaki and "I am not a loser in broken english and beer bottle smash on his forehead.Bring this into WWE.Rick Martel dropped his signature moves like splash from top rope and he gets them with high flying and pure utter power.Martel body slams anyone under 600lbs and WWF had some many that would have battled with Rick and he would have bodyslammed them part of his moves.Twirls 400lbs plus wrists proper body slam above in the air.Dino Bravo and Rick used to have a 500lbs enemy wrestler maniac contest but Martel is winning.Martel French Canadian AWA steel cage and NWA title defenses.On his game agility and acrobatics.Anger and upset to fight fire with fire when they cheat and go to weapons of wrestling.Much much more powerful than Tito Santana his fellow wrestler good guy that went through the termoil and Strike Force.Smackdown is when all of these mutants made to attack Hogan started to fight each other and we saw and I found many new contenders that put in movies and can be wrestlers but I put them in for the chance to be actor but Wrestler.They all wrestle.Proved to me tests of matches like Tito Santana and his title defenses and has held on to the Title 2nd longest to Hulkster and Rick Martel and Dino BravoMartel French Canadian AWA steel cage and NWA title defenses.On his game agility and acrobatics.Anger and upset to fight fire with fire when they cheat and go to weapons of wrestling.Much much more powerful than Tito Santana,Tito and his wars.He held his own with JYD and Ricky Steamboat and British Bulldogs and Killer Bees.Tito Santana is technical wrestler using technician and some brawl.On top of his game sharpest champion and when losing will use aggression to come back and veteran them loss,submission or catch them with flying forearm high speed when these wrestlers that punish Hogan fight with Tito like Roddy Piper,beating Piper received from Tito who figure 4'ed him.Boxing in corner in guts to wear them down with reversals.But they did punish Tito being lighter than Tito in weight,he was close,knocking out.Tito stood as a veteran and Champion and that was the difference.He did not lose til Savage.And who Tito took the title from.Very serious and powerful concentration and fights over his head as a Champion of WWE does in 80's to 90's.Structure of WWF and good guy heros.Tito should have gone to French Canadian wrestling, his fellow wrestler good guy that went through the termoil and Strike Force.Killer Bees proved

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with co-ordination being the best with the best setups.They neerly on Saturday Night's Main Event beaten Hart Foundation.Bees kept setting up Harts for their finishers.Bee Sting was used.Bees have body slammed King Kong Bundy in Maple Leaf Gardens with a double slam and beat Kamala and Bundy.Brunzel is heavier of the two but B Brian Blair did receive the punishment,house of fire.brawling ring technician.Their speed went together and they had been beaten down by teams that were bad guys and survived this to hit them with finisher and role up.They all are fighters proven combatants.Double missile kick.High flying from the top rope top of cage and technical wrestling to do wrestling,hit them with reverse neckbreaker and backbreaker.Set up with the dropkick by Brunzel's self.Add as a team to tag to B Brian Blair.   Killer Bees and their wars to Cage.Smackdown is when all of these mutants made to attack Hogan started to fight each other and we saw and I found many new contenders that put in movies and can be wrestlers but I put them in for the chance to be actor but Wrestler.They all wrestle.Proved to me tests of matches like Tito Santana and his title defenses and has held on to the Title 2nd longest to Hulkster and Rick Martel and Dino Bravo..Wrestlers can be proven in sports like in hockey enforcers like Chris Nilan,Jay Miller,Tim Hunter and Marty McSorley.They wanted the chance other than hockey which made them into fighters they are stage for Wrestling next.Hulkamania fell because Hogan dropped out of WWF and should have remained even though he lost the title.He should have been in Smackdown and Raw as a combatant and to let the frustration out of Batista,Mark Henry,Christian,CM Punk,John Cena unstable,Test,Eddie Guerrero and Chavo,Chris Jericho in Wrestlemania.Kane of 2000's.Billy Kidman related to Bret Hart and CM Punk who is Christian Bale or Allah Pak of Q Continuum druid "Black Rain" video.Billy Kidman was old Bret Hart tag team "grease ball"Kidman show Bret Hart can do acrobatics and submission and Kidman is a ring technician beyond any in history.Coliseum Home Video. {C

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Tito Santana{C

Two friends International Wrestling


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Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles wrestlers,tag team and singles,Al 290lbs


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The two champs International wrestling


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Kendo Nagasaki big Ninja


Dave Manson

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Wrestler from dolphin god family,humanoids

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Champ Honkey Tonk Man


Dirk Graham


T-1000 ring technician


Majini as wrestler

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Jason Friday 13th

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Dog and Hogan


Bad guy Hogan ending


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Cartoon Shark Clip Art

bad guy Daquawaqa and his saqu's.{Dock-Wong-Wah}and his {Song-Wah's}

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Dale Hunter




Rambo GI Joe

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NWO bad guy Hogan 90's

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Rick Tocchet


Ominous Dave Manson

He Man WWE

He Man WWE


Wil Riker

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1117 robertpatrick

John Doggett Bubba had all the makings of a great good guy wrestler.He could have been in there as a good guy with such power and speed to catch wrestlers off guard and that super human strength.Too bad he with the others talent did not utilize their talent and chance in Pro wrestling when they could have and could have come home with the gold and fan memories as the other martyrs did like Rick Martel and his reflexes to properly bodyslam 500lbs plus.Rick would have bodyslammed and defeated King Kong Bundy as Hogan made mistakes.WWF and WWE hogged International Wrestling French Canadian on City TV spot and they competed in NWA and AWA.If they had theirs in their prime or without injuries wow the show these good guys would have put on like Ricky Martel and his high flying splashes and cross bodies from top rope and from rope rebounds.Martel was on fire and cheat using the bad guys weapons on them for the win.And he goes to the cage match never in WWE or WWF.What defeated Rick though was Gilles the Fish Poisson and Gilles finished Rick with the splash and pinned him 3 count.Frenchy Martin and his tag team of Bruiser Brody and Hercules Ayala.Beatings and WWE WWF tag team titles for they were extremely talented with ring tags and punishment all A plus's in every category.Only ones to face them were Rick Martel and Dino Bravo.Rick Martel vs Andre the Giant and Rick would body slam Andre.He has lifted more.Dino Bravo hated Frenchy Martin as his natural enemy and all out war on Frenchy and his family.Blonde Bravo that is a bad guy evil twin Frenchy had.Kendo Nagasaki was a dangerous opponent for Hulk Hogan and does not behave like other oriental wrestlers.He punished people in French Canadian Wrestling.They are all types of wrestling styles,brawler,technical,ring technician,high flying and wam bam technical.Co-ordination as the Thylacine and housecat god.Sumner to Degault teamwork Freddy Kreuger.Jason Vorhees Friday 13th and Pennywise as the "Rasools"Both Rasools in the ring and very strong and not funny,ironic and from England.Pacific in origin.Teenage Ninja Turtles would have been really exciting a tag team with co-ordination and high flying with power.WWE teams lost it with Kendrick and London.He-Man as wrestler another that would have been a good guy and a challenger to the titles and era in WWE and Wrestlemanias.Wil Riker a giant to contend for Triple H's title and his intelligence .Great moves that wear down opponent with suplexes and NWC moves.Size and power,chest.Rambo not being that small since

WWE Hardcore Title

"Rocky" and wanting a re-match back in WWE for its not

Boromir and Aragord




Jonathon Archer

has slew of wrestlers as they find out in wars and for titles and rankings,climb the ladder.Ozzy is a giant that is Undertaker like and Kane like.That is how he would have been in wrestling but with NWC moves.Stables and earning and in my thinking they would have been great ideas for wrestlers and what they do leads

NT wrestling family

to wrestling.Feats of strength then problem is their move sets and their reflexes and instincts co-ordination and then they are in one many professional wrestling til WWE.Dolphin family as wrestler.They might not be a good guy as you'll know about shark family wrestlers and dolphins.Shark masks.Animal masks.Strength of these animals in the ring.
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