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New Analytics Dashboard

Hi! I'm here to bring you big news from Fandom! The new Analytics feature has just been released for admins, which you can read more about in this blog post. This feature is particularly exciting because it will give you access to insightful statistics that allow you to see what areas are doing well and how to best capitalize on them in order to strengthen the community. You can visit Special:Analytics to access the data, and if you need any help, you can check out the help page for additional information. Please let me know if you have any further questions or feedback and I'll be happy to answer :) —idekmandy 19:01, August 14, 2019 (UTC)

Sarah Schreiber

No problem. I think the last editor likely saw Schreiber featured on Raw mostly and figured she was only on that brand. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 12:10, August 15, 2019 (UTC))

Can you please explain why your removing my edits.

House Shows

My bad. Caught some of the older ones in September and October but obvioul not all. Sorry for the added headahce.

Gobokong (talk) 03:25, August 28, 2019 (UTC)

This is a giant hassle to fill in gaps that are not here and help make sure show results are documented. The logo is currently the Summer Logo posted by Dojo Wars here:

The Tank Logo was removed from Dojo Wars over 4 years ago due to a C&D and the admins keep reverting back to it and removing actual real information from people who have access to it. Seems like a problem in getting information out there no? The tank logo is not the logo for the brand and cannot be used - period. Just like the old WWF logo after the World Wildlife Fund lawsuit.

Without this back and forth I could have had about 15 shows added, but instead we keep circling back and forth on the same single show. Seems hard to even bother and makes for a significant problem in getting information posted. The fact that there isn't even a real messaging system where this type of conversation can remain mostly private seems a bit off as well, no?

Yes, I am new to the process and clearly have a few gaps to tweak to meet current recommended standards - that's  fine, but why things are being altered INCORRECTLY doesn't make any sense. I cloned the format of Dojo Wars shows since they stopped being posted, corrected with the new logos and current branding (that I have access and approval for), and am attempting to clean up a very broken history over the course of the last 3 years. I'm just not sure why the entire process has to be a problem or issue? Newzbytes (talk) 18:34, August 30, 2019 (UTC)

Monster Factory

The Boss 'n' Hug Connection

Im just little confused now that Sasha Banks and Bayley are now heels so since they reunited does that mean that their a villianous team now? Simmons789 (talk) 05:10, September 3, 2019 (UTC)

Editor Rewards

Hello! Just in case you haven't heard, Fandom has launched a new Editor Rewards Program to thank hard-working users for their contributions to the platform. You can check out all of the information in this blog post. Feel free to comment on the blog if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, and the Editor Experience Team will be happy to answer! —idekmandy 21:48, September 4, 2019 (UTC)

Hi, good morning. Can I ask why my contribution was deleted? LeoLou (talk) 14:39, September 8, 2019 (UTC)


Recently attempted to edit 3.0 page, but you keep removing my edits. The first time I understood becasue I cut and paste from Wikipedia (they were also my edits). I edited their page again without cut & paste from wikipedia and you removed the edits again.  What am I doing that you object to?  I am working with Team 3.0 to update all of their social media nad fan pages to include the latest informaiton about their position with WWE NXT.



Bleelee999 (talk) 20:34, September 8, 2019 (UTC)

Hi Latin915, When I first created my profile today, you were kind enough to send a welcome message and offered assistance if I needed. Well, so far you have not been very helpful. As I explained before, I am trying to edit the page for 3.0 to update their page to include the latest information on their activity in the WWE. Twice to have deleted my edits and the third time you told me the page was protected. That does not help me to update their info. As I explained, I am updating all of the social media fan pages for 3.0. Please help me to do this.

Thanks, Bleelee999Bleelee999 (talk) 21:25, September 8, 2019 (UTC)

editing of Shane Matthew's page

Re; editing of Shane Matthews page:

I am not on line all the time; sorry I did not see your message.  Yes, I am working with the wrestlers themselves.

If you prefer to update yourself, then please make these changes to Shane Matthew's page:

  • add reference to the Team 3.0 NXT TV debut including their new ring names (Matt Martel and Chase parker).
  • change birthplace from Niagara Fall, Ontario to Chateauguay, Quebec (this is their actual place of birth)
  • add ring name "Matt Martel"
  • add current photo of Matt Martel somewhere under the NXT section

Bleelee999 (talk) 14:19, September 11, 2019 (UTC)bleelee999


Oakland Arena

Hi Latin, can we rename from Oracle Arena to Oakland Arena please. Thanks. (Vanaguilar 21:48, September 19, 2019 (UTC))


I hosnetly did not know there was any other DR.X.I saw that the link was fine and thought it was linked to the right place. I am going slower than before. Gobokong (talk) 18:41, September 28, 2019 (UTC)

NXT House Shows

Ok, no problem. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 19:43, September 29, 2019 (UTC))


I wont change them anymore, but what is the prefered format. Because when adding new pages that are on Wrestling Data and not Cagematch they  only use "and" not "&". For consitancy what is wanted?Gobokong (talk) 17:22, September 30, 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the clear up Gobokong (talk) 17:39, September 30, 2019 (UTC)

How about you stopp reverting my edits. Im the one who created the move-set for El Hijo del Vikingo page, I'mthe one who researched all of that, So stop changing it and try to take credit.

KingOfTheRing86 (talk) 22:39, October 1, 2019 (UTC)

Dark Order/Super Smash Bros

No problem. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 11:18, October 3, 2019 (UTC))

AEW Dynamite

I was pleased with the series debut. If they keep this up, I'll probably watch it regularly. Great seeing familiar faces and new ones too. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 16:39, October 3, 2019 (UTC))

  • I missed the return of NXT. Was it on USA or another channel? (The 7th Scribe (talk))
  • Ah okay. I see what they did there. What did you think of that airing of NXT? (The 7th Scribe (talk) 17:02, October 3, 2019 (UTC))
  • That's an interesting news development with Balor going back to NXT. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 17:17, October 3, 2019 (UTC))

NXT Cruiserweight Title

On, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship has been renamed to the "NXT Cruiserweight Championship".

Can someone change it on here? Wwefan2 (talk) 00:39, October 4, 2019 (UTC)

Question about Double page

When looking at the WWF 90' House shows both Oct 12 no.1 and no2. are identical cards and venues etc and URL. Somehow it got posted twice. Since Im not the creator of those I dont know how to go foreward with a duplicate page.Gobokong (talk) 15:09, October 4, 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the helpGobokong (talk) 18:37, October 4, 2019 (UTC)

AEW Dark

Hey, I've been watching YouTube and came across some more AEW content. Is there any plans in mind about creating pages for their AEW Dark program? I see Cagematch put up an update of the first Dark YouTube episode. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 22:29, October 9, 2019 (UTC))

  • Great. Pretty sure I will pitch in on them as they roll along. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 22:44, October 9, 2019 (UTC))
  • Hey, no problem. Happy to do it. (The 7th Scribe (talk) 02:14, October 10, 2019 (UTC))

Linking error

In the WWWF Championship Wrestling articles José Estrada is linked to Jr. instead of Sr.. Also Estrada Jr. debut year is wrong and seems like the same for his father. –Teatoper (talk) 02:47, October 11, 2019 (UTC)

Tarasco is El Golpeador why do you always change it?

Dont know how.

Infobox removal

I did not remeber removing things. Looking at what I did with other ones seems like when I did the visual editor it automatically removed unfilled ones.

Gobokong (talk) 23:26, November 3, 2019 (UTC) Oh see what your saying. And I had never seen it before poking around. It seems to be an oddity that flat out removes the unused lines when you edit the infobox in visual. I had never seen it before you said that so I had no idea at first what you were talking about with saying stop delting.  Looking more it seems to only happen when editing in classic mode infobox vs the other mode infobox.Gobokong (talk) 02:09, November 4, 2019 (UTC)

Sure Ill do some to help in more important areas for a bit.Gobokong (talk) 04:15, November 5, 2019 (UTC)

No Problem at all. NXT should be a funn diversion to work on.Gobokong (talk) 04:26, November 5, 2019 (UTC)

Adding city

Hello, I want to add some informations about Prague, is it ok when I use text from wikipedia or i have to think of myself? (and sorry for that edit, I am new here so I didnt knew how to add talk properly and I am also banned on Discord so I could not asked there)

LeoNardoCZE (talk) 17:26, November 4, 2019 (UTC)

ah okay sorry

I just figured posting a short clip would fall under fair use, since it's just a short gag at the end and not a significant length of the episode. talk2ty 18:16, November 4, 2019 (UTC)

Power pages

Anytime, I will create more pages throughout the months. –Teatoper (talk) 22:58, November 6, 2019 (UTC)

Championship images

Nah, I did not make those. They had them already in PNG format on thier site. lolGobokong (talk) 22:00, November 19, 2019 (UTC)



I want to ask if we can create a fanon,a fictional wrestling universe ?

Incorrect image

Anytime, I was thinking you may have thought I was just removing the image for no reason and I would have explained but nice noticing the reason for removing it. –Teatoper (talk) 19:00, November 26, 2019 (UTC)

Okay sure but sometimes I refuse to add an image if I don't think the image is good enough to upload. –Teatoper (talk) 19:23, November 26, 2019 (UTC)

Typo error

There is another thing I caught is a missing bracket on one of the Survivor Series team page here, same goes for the image gallery. I may not have permission to fix the error so just letting you know. –Teatoper (talk) 22:38, November 26, 2019 (UTC)

Hey mate you banned me then unbanned me due to it being a mistake but I think I am still banned any help

Giggs22031 (talk) 08:33, November 28, 2019 (UTC)

Newy Pro Heavyweight Championship

So its better to have a dead link to have one without an image?Gobokong (talk) 18:53, December 3, 2019 (UTC)

Okay Ill make sure theres pictures in the future and will help try to back fill some links and such. Gobokong (talk) 19:31, December 3, 2019 (UTC)

Yea No problem. I thought the wrong guy came back and was holding back not wanting to step on toes. LOLGobokong (talk) 04:08, December 9, 2019 (UTC)

Royal Rumble 2003

Why would you revert my edit on the Torrie Wilson Dawn Marie storyline. When Armageddon was on December 15 2002, The lesbian segment in the hotel room was from two weeks ago. When i made the heading from a year ago i never intended to leave it as saying as "an earlier episode of smackdown". I know how to use stuff in my own words.Simmons789 (talk) 04:40, December 14, 2019 (UTC)

Invitation to join the advisor program

Hello! I'm Sannse, from Fandom's Editor Experience team. I'm contacting you as the most recently active admin. Hopefully you can pass this on to others as needed.

One project that we're excited about launching is an initiative to pair newly registered users with experienced advisors (which they can choose from). These advisors would be available for answering basic editing questions and guiding appropriate edits, in the hope that these users will become active in the local community.

Why do this, rather than rely on admins and moderators? We've seen from research and experience (both from Wikipedia) that establishing a human bond with a peer "senpai" or mentor can have a better effect on the comfort of the newcomer, especially where the high volume of edits may cause the quick response of rollbacks rather than taking the time to walk new editors through their early work. While some communities do take that time and care among their leaders, we feel an additional level might put new users at ease and help them be more comfortable with editing. Ultimately, we feel like this project will either free up some time for admins and moderators, or designate them as approachable welcomers to talk to and guide new users. We want to see how effective this is on a relatively small number of communities and see if Fandom's results are consistent with those experienced on Wikipedia. If they are, we may pursue expanding the pilot program and perhaps seeking to build it into a core part of the new platform.

Here's what we would wish for your community to agree to:

  • At least one volunteer advisor, acting as an advisor and advocate helping newcomers. For the most part, this means responding to questions that newcomers leave the advisor in Discussions. Sometimes this may mean the advisor interacts with admins and moderators to address concerns regarding the newcomer. We have some advisors-at-large (those not tied to the local community, but available as fallbacks) already, but if you have ideas on who you might want to represent you in this role (or if you'd like to do so yourself!), feel free to contact me on my Wall.
  • Discussions / Feeds. Your community must have this active for the current solution to work. This is the primary method in which advisors have open communication with the users that choose them. We also recommend a Feeds channel of “Help Desk” where the communications can be placed, if you do not have a similar channel.
  • A change to your Welcome Messages to allow a method where a newcomer can choose an advisor. If you are currently participating in the MyDashboard program, there will be a card there to interact with an advisor.

We are testing this for the next two months, and will see what the future of the program is thereafter. Is this a program you would feel comfortable with placing on your community? -- Sannse @fandom (help forum | blog) 02:21, December 15, 2019 (UTC)

Could to rename Batiri/Event history and Batiri/Image gallery to "The Batiri" so that they match-up with The Batiri? Thank you. - KhanKhan12 (talk) 06:17, January 2, 2020 (UTC)

Hey, I was just curious if there are any specific rules for creating a wiki page, since I have created one and just before publishing it you have deleted it. 

The name was Nick Blade

Thank you in advance.

Re: Moccasin Square Gardens

There are no photos of the outside of that venue to find online, so what else do you expect me to do? Old School Fan (talk) 20:21, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

Okay, never mind. I just saw the photo you added to the article. Old School Fan (talk) 20:24, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

Duplicate Show

I believe that WCW-New Japan Supershow II and Starrcade 1992 in Tokyo Dome is the same card listed twice. - KhanKhan12 (talk) 01:16, January 12, 2020 (UTC)

I'm curious about why you reverted the edit on NYWC Starlet Championship page. The Cagematch link on the page shows that Tina San Antonio was crowned champion sometime in August last year. Do you use a different source for championship changes? - KhanKhan12 (talk) 18:02, January 12, 2020 (UTC)

Latin, the change to "TNA Asylum" is great, but you might want to leave the original profile page because there is a wrestler called "The Asylum" that wrestled in MPW around 2006 or so. I just got an image for him. - KhanKhan12 (talk) 03:24, January 15, 2020 (UTC)

Sure, no problem. Should we have a disambiguous page at the Asylum instead of a re-direct? (There's also a guy under Asylum.) - KhanKhan12 (talk) 03:32, January 15, 2020 (UTC)

No, not at all. He's pretty low-level unknown. I'm only working on him because he's in the list of the "images needed". I think I found a better picutre because I think this is the same guy working in the UK indies. ( - KhanKhan12 (talk) 03:52, January 15, 2020 (UTC)

Oh, sorry. The page already existed with a "images Needed" tag. I usually check what links to it to find out about how to search for the wrestler. I found the mis-done TNA Asylum links which you later fixed. I was only going to put up a page because it had already existed but if you'd rather not have it, then that's actually easier all around. - KhanKhan12 (talk) 03:58, January 15, 2020 (UTC)

Would you mind changing The Big Cat to a redirect to Curtis Hughes? - KhanKhan12 (talk) 18:16, January 18, 2020 (UTC)

Sorry, another one.. The Black Phantom should redirect to Gangrel - KhanKhan12 (talk) 18:48, January 18, 2020 (UTC)

And The Blimp should probably redirect to George Harris, which doesn't exist yet, but the Event History and Image page already do (with pictures), so I'll get to that. - KhanKhan12 (talk) 18:51, January 18, 2020 (UTC)

Well, most of the links to the Black Phantom are from events in WWF around 94-95 which is definitely Gangrel. (Black Phantom should probably re-direct to Gangrel too). The 60s & 70s Black Phantom looks to be Art Neilson or George Macricostas. I don't know who the German 2015 one is, but they aren't aren't notable enough to have profile on the major sites yet. - KhanKhan12 (talk) 19:09, January 18, 2020 (UTC)

About the edits I made

You probably aren't aware of this, but the September 13, 1975 episode of WWWF All-Star Wrestling is on the WWE Network and it actually DOES take place between the 1974 and the 1976 episodes seen here on this wiki.

So, why exactly? Why did you revert my edits when I'm just following the flow of the years as normal? You know, 1974, 1975, 1976, etcetera.

Baldwin17 (talk) 23:31, January 16, 2020 (UTC)

User returning to the Community

This is Sammy Maggio. For the first time since December 10, 2018, I'm finally back here on Fandom after I voluntarily left the service after being banned after an unauthorized arena edit after San Diego's arena got new naming rights. From now on, arenas will not be edited and I will remain true to my roots to what I used to do back in 2018, and that is keeping the Venues of shows up to date. I'm very happy to be back and I look forward to the future of this Community!


Sammy Maggio (talk) 03:38, January 17, 2020 (UTC)

About my edit on ECW Championship/Champion history

Did you revert my edit on that page? I know you are a admin but did you see that you mistakenly revert that note back to beside The Sandman's name when I correctly edit it to put it beside Shane Douglas' name?

I hope you undo the revert because that note truly says "Douglas pinned Funk in an Ultimate Jeopardy match also involving, Mr. Hughes, Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, Road Warrior Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, and The Tazmaniac. On August 27, 1994, the title was renamed the ECW World Heavyweight Championship when Douglas relinquished the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. ECW leaves the NWA and is renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling. WWE recognizes this as the starting point of the title", It didn't mention the Sandman's name AT ALL. Smackdown599 (talk) 23:21, January 17, 2020 (UTC)

Re: About my edit on ECW Championship/Champion history

If you can see weird coding on Line 272 after I had done my edit then that's a possible syntax error and it's not my problem either to solve. But as one of the admins of the wiki you should raise a ticket with Fandom's manganement saying that the wiki has problems with coding and they'll sure to provide some kind of bugfix for all Fandom wikis when more complaints start coming in. At the meantime I'll not touch this page anymore and thanks for pointing out the issue. Smackdown599 (talk) 23:42, January 17, 2020 (UTC)

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