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Good work!

Thanks very much for your contributions! You've been doing really great work almost single-handedly around here lately -- I look forward to seeing how this Wikia grows in the future.

Did you know that if you register for a Wikia account, you gain access to some useful features? Of course you're welcome to continue editing under your IP address if you prefer.

I see you've gotten a lot of content from Wikipedia, which is great! It's free for copying and modifying -- we are just required to give credit to where it came from. Could you please, when you copy an article from Wikipedia, add the template


to the bottom? If you have given your article a different name from the Wikipedia one you got it from, instead use

{{Wikipedia|Wikipedia article title}}


Please feel free to let us know if there's any other help you need in customizing, expanding, or publicizing your wiki. — Catherine o' the ComTeam 19:39, 19 April 2007 (UTC) Wikia Community Team

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