aka TBT

  • I live in In the insane asylem
  • My occupation is being Mentally Insane
  • I am a Immortal

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1.) I'm a retired youtuber I did youtube for 5 1/2 years from 2006 - 2010 and a while in 2011 I also have a current channel which is called TBT HARDYFAN 2014-present I make gaming videos,montages, and more on my new channel. I did youtube with a group of 12-15 friends we where called the chocolate coded chesseballz and had 300k subs :) great Times.

2. I have multiple personalities disorder and have 6 different personalities there  is (Tommy, Billy, grandpa Charlie, Tony, edd, and Jackson)

3.I'v had tons of pets (past Pets) :5 dogs , 6 cats , countless fish , and 3 turtles                

4. My favorite sports teams are  NFL- NY jets, NBA- bosten Celtics, MLB- Twins, nascar- jeff Gordon, wwe/tna- hardyboyz

5-YouTube Channel Link:

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