MPJ-DK: Danish wrestling fan
I just want to leave this place a little bit better than I found
Project AAA
  1. Los Hell Brothers
  2. Cibérnetico
  3. Chessman
  4. Charly Manson
  5. Los Vipers
  6. Los Vipers Extreme
  7. Los Vipers Priimera Clase
  8. Vipers Revolution
  9. Psicosis II
  10. Abismo Negro
  11. Electro Shock
  12. Maniaco
  13. Histeria
  14. Mosco De La Merced
  15. Mr. Niebla
  16. Histeria
  17. Antifaz
  18. Lucha Libre Latina
  19. Monsther and Chuckly
  20. Pirata Morgan
  21. Los Vatos Locos
  22. Nygma
  23. Picudo
  24. Silver Cat
  25. Mexican Power
  26. Juventud Guerrera
  27. Crazy Boy
  28. Joe Lider
  29. Xtreme Tiger
  30. Real Fuerza Aérea
  31. Laredo Kid
  32. Super Fly
  33. Pegasso
  34. Rey Cometa
  35. Némesis
  36. Aero Star
  37. El Angel
  38. Los Guapos
  39. Los Guapos VIP
  40. Super Calo
  41. Alan Stone
  42. Chris Stone
  43. Scorpio, Jr.
  44. Zumbido
  45. Decniss
  46. La Parka (AAA)
  47. El Zorro
  48. El Alebrije and Cuije
  49. Los Cadetes Del Espacio
  50. Los Power Raiders
  51. Venum / Power Raider Verde
  52. Ludxor / Power Raider Negro
  53. Discovery / Power Raider Azul
  54. Frisbee I Power Raider Rojo
  55. Boomerang I Power Raider Blanco
  56. Super Nova
  57. Los Rudos De La Galaxia
  58. Histeria
  59. Mosco De La Merced
  60. Maniaco
  61. Mach 1
  62. Abismo Negro
Project Tag Teams
  1. The Fabulous Kangaroos - Al Costello, Roy Heffernan, Don Kent
  2. The Road Warriors - Road Warrior Animal and Road Warrior Hawk
  3. The British Bulldogs - Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid
  4. The Dusek Riot Squad - Rudy Dusek, Emil Dusek, Ernie Dusek and Joe Dusek
  5. The Blonde Bombers - Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens
  6. Minnesota Wrecking Crew - Gene Anderson, Lars Anderson, Ole Anderson and Arn Anderson
  7. The Fabulous Freebirds - Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts* and Jimmy Garvin
  8. The Assassins - Jody Hamilton and Tom Renesto
  9. The Rock 'n' Roll Express - Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson
  10. The Midnight Express - Norvell Austin, Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane
  11. The Great Goliant and Black Gorman
  12. Harley Race and Larry Hennig
  13. The Bruiser and the Crusher
  14. Ben Sharpe and Mike Sharpe, Sr.
  15. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard
  16. The Interns - Jim Starr, Billy Garrett and Tom Andrews
  17. Mike Gallagher and Doc Gallagher
  18. The Kalmikoffs - Karol Kalmikoff and Ivan Kalmikoff
  19. The Von Brauners - Karl Von Brauner and Kurt Von Brauner
  20. Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson
  21. Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens
  22. The Fabulous Fargos - Jackie Fargo, Don Fargo and Johnny Fargo
  23. The Hollywood Blonds - Buddy Roberts and Jerry Brown
  24. The Royal Kangaroos - "Lord" Jonathan Boyd and Norman Frederick Charles III
  25. The Vachons - Maurice Vachon, Paul Vachon and Stan Vachon
  26. Red Bastien and Lou Bastien
  27. George Becker and Bobby Becker
  28. Brute Bernard and Skull Murphy
  29. Guy Brunetti and Joe Brunetti
  30. Corsica Joe and Corsica Jean
  31. Don Curtis and Mark Lewin
  32. Billy Darnell and Bill Melby
  33. The Golden Grahams - Eddie Graham, Jerry Graham, Luke Graham, Superstar Billy Graham, Mike Graham
  34. The Kentuckians - Grizzly Smith and Luke Brown
  35. The Miller Brothers - Ed Miller, Dan Miller, Bill Miller
  36. Art Nelson and Stan Nelson
  37. Antonio Rocca and Miguel Pérez, Sr.
  38. George Scott and Sandy Scott
  39. the Smith Brothers John Smith and Al Smith
  40. Jack and Jerry Brisco
  41. The Cormier Brothers - Rudy Kay, Leo Burke, Bobby Kay, the Beast
  42. The Fields Brothers - Lee Fields, Don Fields and Bobby Fields
  43. Nick Kozak and Jerry Kozak
  44. The Fabulous Rougeaus - Jacques Rougeau and Raymond Rougeau
  45. Chris Tolos and John Tolos
  46. The Torres Brothers - Enrique Torres, Alberto Torres and Ramon Torres
  47. The Von Erichs - David Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich, Kevin Von Erich, Mike Von Erich, Chris Von Erich
  48. Red Bastien and Billy Red Lyons
  49. George Becket and Johnny Weaver
  50. The Blackjacks - Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza
  51. Aldo Bogni and Bronco Lubich
  52. Tony Borne and Lonnie Mayne
  53. The Dirty Daltons - Don Fargo (Jack Dalton) and Jim Baggis (Jim Dalton) and Frank Dalton
  54. Ted Dibiase and Steve Williams
  55. The Fabulous Ones - Stan Lane and Steve Keirn
  56. Ric Flair and Greg Valentine
  57. Tony Garea and Dean Ho / Rick Martel / Haystacks Calhoun / Larry Zbyszko
  58. Bob Geigel and Bob Brown
  59. Don and Al Greene - Don Greene and Al Greene
  60. Phil Hickerson and Dennis Condrey
  61. The High Flyers - Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell
  62. Mr. High and Mr. Low - Dick Steinborn and Doug Gilbert, Sr.
  63. The Infernos - Frankie Cain, Rocky Smith and Curtis Smith
  64. Duke Keomuka and Hiro Matsuda
  65. The Love Brothers - Hartford Love and Reggie Love
  66. The Monroes - Sputnik Monroe, Rocket Monroe and Flash Monroe
  67. Moondogs - Rex, King, Spot, Spike, Splat and Cujo
  68. Blonde Bombers V2 - Wayne Ferris and Larry Latham (wrestler)
  69. Murder, Inc. - Stan Kowalski and Tiny Mills
  70. The Mysterious Medics - Tony Gonzales and Donald Lortie, Sr., Luis Hernandez
  71. The Nightmares - Danny Davis and Ken Wayne
  72. The Outlaws - Dusty Rhodes and Dick Slater
  73. Buddy Rose and Ed Wiskoski
  74. Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernodle
  75. Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood
  76. The Valiant Brothers - Johnny Valiant, Jimmy Valiant and Jerry Valiant
  77. Mr. Wrestling I and Mr. Wrestling II
  78. Mitsu Arakawa and Kinji Shibuya
  79. Mr. Fuji & Professor Tanaka
  80. The Mongolians - Geeto Mongol, Bepo Mongol and Bolo Mongol
  81. The Sheepherders - Butch Miller and Luke Williams
  82. The Sicillians - Tony Altamore and Lou Albano
  83. Kurt and Karl Von Steiger - Kurt Von Steiger and Karl Von Steiger
  84. Kurt Von Hess and Karl Von Shotz
  85. The Wild SamoansAfa Anoa'i and Sika Anoa'i
  86. The Dynamic Duo - Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez
  87. The AcolytesBradshaw and Faarooq
  88. DemolitionSmash, Ax and Crush
  89. The Dudley BoysD-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley
  90. Edge and ChristianEdge and Christian
  91. 'The Fantastics'
  92. 'The PYT Express'
  93. The Southern Rockers
  94. Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon
  95. The Hardy Boys
  96. Harlem Heat
  97. The Hart Foundation
  98. The Killer Bees
  99. The Midnight Rockers
  100. The New Rockers
  101. The Miracle-Violence Combination - Terry Gordy and Steve Williams
  102. The New Age Outlaws Billy Gunn and Road Dogg
  103. The Steiner BrothersRick Steiner and Scott Steiner
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