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My favorite pages

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Personal catch up

  • YUTAKA's Idol Clutch aka Narcissist Clutch
  • Naoki Tanizaki's Surfing Clutch
  • Yuu Lock series
  • Carl Greco signature holds
  • Taku Iwasa, esp. Ganjigarame Chou Facelock
  • deathlock and figure-4 history from 90s era special


  • Triangle choke vs. other triangle submissions (Sankaku garami etc.)
  • Magic Lace vs cobra twist
  • Manami roll v. "Code Red"
  • "British Figure-4"
  • Robinson carry v. mountain bomb, waterwheel etc.
  • Western and Eastern
  • Double arm crossface vs. Rings of Saturn
  • different moves with the same name

Stuff That Doesn't Exist

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