Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) was a Professional wrestling promotion owned and operated by Rick Bassman. It had often been used as a training ground for World Wrestling Entertainment. Its wrestling school, Ultimate University, was popular for sending over 30 of its graduates to WWE and others to Zero One in Japan.

It has been a stepping stone in the development of many past and present WWE Superstars including the likes of John Cena, Chris Masters, Victoria, Jon Heidenreich, Mike Mizanin, Melina, Deuce and Ryan Sakoda. It has also featured some of the more well known independent wrestling stars in the world, including Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. Since their debut in 1998, they have run many shows in Southern California and Nevada and at one point in 1999, UPW was shown on KDOC TV in Santa Ana, CA. In late June 2006, it was announced that UPW had become an official talent scout for WWE once again.


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