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The UWA World Welterweight Championship was a championship in professional wrestling that is primarily contested for in various Lucha Libre promotions in Mexico. In 1993, the championship was recognized by the Japanese professional wrestling promotion Michinoku Pro, following Super Delfin's victory over then champion Celestial. In 1995, Gran Hamada was stripped of the championship, because he exceeded the weight limit. The championship returned to being primarily contested for in Mexico, and it wasn't until Taiji Ishimori's victory over Super Crazy in 2003 that a Japanese wrestler would hold the championship again.


  • Celestial's first reign was under the guise, Blackman.
  • Celestial holds the record of most reigns, holding the title on 3 occasions under two gimmicks.
  • Takeshi Minamino is the longest reigning champion in the title's history, followed by Super Crazy (during his 2nd reign).

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