The UWA World Trios Championship is a tag team professional wrestling championship created by the Mexican Universal Wrestling Association and defended there until the UWA closed in 1995.

After the UWA's closing, the title was inactive for many years before being recycled as trios belts for the Toryumon Japan promotion. The titles fell back into disrepair due to Último Dragón leaving Toryumon and taking the name with him, causing the then-Toryumon workers to create Dragon Gate, where they created new belts for the new company.

After leaving Toryumon Japan, the titles ended up in the hands of its descendant promotion El Dorado and the Mexico based Toryumon Gym. Neither group promoted shows on a regular basis, which produced two unsuccessful attempts to relaunch the championship. In 2007, El Dorado revived the title again. In 2008 El Dorado Wrestling folded and the title moved to Dramatic Dream Team, where it was held by HARASHIMA, Touru Owashi and Yukihiro Abe.

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