Tuxedo match

Harvey Whippleman competing against Howard Finkel in a Tuxedo match

A Tuxedo match is similar to the Bra and Panties match, where the match is contested between 2 male competitors in tuxedos. In order to win you need to strip the opponent's tuxedo off of them. When special guest host ZZ Top scheduled a tuxedo match against Chavo Guerrero and Hornswoggle, they called it a Sharp Dressed Man Match, a reference to their hit song, Sharp Dressed Man.

History the Tuxedo match

No. Match Event, date and location
I Paul Jones defeated Jimmy Valiant in a "Loser Leaves Town" Tuxedo Match Starrcade 1984, November 22, 1984
II Jim Duggan defeated Ted DiBiase in a "Loser Leaves Town Tuxedo Street Fight Coal Miner's Glove Steel Cage Match" Mid-South Wrestling Superdome Extravaganza (1985), March 30, 1985
III Hillbilly Jim defeated Mr. Fuji WWF live event, October 18, 1986
IV Hillbilly Jim vs. Mr. Fuji WWF live event, December 26, 1986, Madison Square Garden, New York, New YOrk
V Jim Cornette vs. Paul E. Dangerously The Great American Bash 1989, Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
VI Steve Austin (with Col. Rob Parker) defeated Johnny B. Badd after Parker pulled Badd's pants behind the referee's back. (7:15) WCW Worldwide, March 1994 (aired on May 7, 1994), MGM Studios, Orlando, Florida
VII Howard Finkel defeated Harvey Whippleman (with Kwang the Ninja) WWE Raw, January 9, 1995
VIII Tony Chimel defeated Howard Finkel WWE Friday Night SmackDown, September 2, 1999
IX Lilian Garcia defeated Howard Finkel in an Evening Gown/Tuxedo Match to become the new WWE Raw ring announcer WWE Raw, August 26, 2002
X Cheerleader Melissa defeated Chris Colioni in an Evening Gown/Tuxedo Match All Pro Wrestling Holiday in Hell, October 25, 2003, Hayward, California
XI Cheerleader Melissa defeated Larry Blackwell in an Evening Gown/Tuxedo Match All Pro Wrestling, December 4, 2004, Hayward, California
XII Christy Hemme defeated Big Fat Oily Guy in an Evening Gown/Tuxedo Match Against All Odds 2007, February 12, 2007, Orlando, Florida
XIII Nikki Roxx defeated Sean Gorman in a "Ballroom Blitz Match" (Evening Gown/Tuxedo Match)New England Championship Wrestling Birthday Bash 7: Caged Fury, August 18, 2007
XIV Hornswoggle defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. in a "Sharp Dressed Man" (Tuxedo Match) WWE Raw, July 20, 2009
XV Porky Fields (with Liz Fields) defeated "The Mastermind" Steven Stockwell Chicago All Star Wrestling, August 22, 2009, Chicago, Illinois
XVI Santino Marella defeated Ricardo Rodriguez No Way Out 2012, June 17, 2012, East Rutherford, New Jersey



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