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Trina Bentley (née Trina Thompson) (born 1975) is an American bodybuilding and figure competitor and professional wrestler better known as Trina. She currently works for Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Fitness Contest Records

  • 2012: Jr. USAs 1st Class A and Overall
  • 2011 Jr. Nationals 4th Class A
  • 2010: Nationals 11th Figure Class B
  • Indianapolis Championships Figure Class A and Overall winner
  • GNC Classic Figure Class A and Overall winner
  • 2008: Kentucky Championships 3rd Figure Class A
  • Jr. USA 7th Figure Class A
  • 2007: Southern States 2nd Figure Class A
  • Pittsburgh Championships 2nd Figure Class B
  • 2006: Kentucky Muscle Classic 1st Figure Class A

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and Signature moves
  • Shelby Cross

Championships and accomplishments

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